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Critter Guard, Inc., was founded in 2000. We are a small business company headquartered in Columbia, MO. Our two primary products are the CG Line Guard and CG Pole Guard. Both are designed with the utility company, homeowner and preservation of wildlife in mind. The focus of our products are to deter and prevent squirrels, roof rats and other rodents from gaining access to power stations and homes where they inflict damage and cause costly power outages.

The Line Guard is designed to be installed on above-ground, overhead power lines and/or cabling by qualified contractors of power, telephone or cable companies. For homeowner’s safety and protection installation should be conducted by qualified electrical workers. The Line Guard is an injection-molded, polypropylene, light-weight, gray material with high-quality ultra violet protection. It is five feet in length when fully assembled.

The Pole Guard is installed around a wooden pole to block critter access originating from the ground up. It is manufactured with Celcon Acetal Copolymer that delivers high tensile strength with unmatched durability.

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Allegheny Power; Ameren; Black Hills Power; Boone Electric Cooperative; CanAmerica Foods; Central Maine Power Company; Cinergy; Charter Communications; Cleco Power; Duke Energy; Energy United; Entergy; Equity Utility Services; Gulf Power; Illinois Power Company; Mississippi Power Company; New York State Electric & Gas (NYSEG); Peabody Municipal Light; SMUD; SRP; United Energy, Ltd. (Australia)