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squirrel and rodent mitigation

Critter Guard, Inc., was founded in 2000. We are a small business headquartered in Columbia, MO. Our two primary products are the Line Guard and Pole Guard. Both are designed with the utility company, homeowner and preservation of wildlife in mind. The focus of our products are to deter squirrels, roof rats and other rodents from gaining access, via the overhead powerlines, to power stations and homes where they inflict costly roof and transformer damages and cause power outages.

The Critter Guard product line consist of: Line Guard, Pole Guard and Raptor Guard, all of these systems are defined by one characteristic – no access. These products are designed for years of service in all weather conditions. We are prideful of the durability and performance of this unique product line - Injection molded of heavy-duty polypropylene, highly resistant to environmental stress cracking and weathering, and of course UV protection to maintain color quality.



"We have used Critter Guard's Line Guard product for better than six years on Illinois and Missouri overhead power lines near substations. The Line Guard helps us prevent squirrels from gaining access to our substations on overhead lines.  We have also used the Pole Guard on wooden poles near substations to establish a barrier to squirrels that approach overhead conductors from the ground. Our objective is to maintain high service reliability by eliminating outages and contain costs by reducing equipment damage caused by squirrels."

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If you are interested in stopping squirrel and other rodent caused power outages or damage, please visit the Critter Guard Product Overview to learn more.

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