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The Critter Line Guard keeps squirrels from using your power lines as a "highway for chaos". A solid, free-spinning wheel requires a squirrel to jump over the barrier onto the touch-sensitive spinning cylinders on either side.

The Critter Line Guard is quick to install, easily applied to existing equipment, and can be used on cable sizes up to 3-inches in diameter.

Your Line Guard package will contain:

(2) Polypropylene free-spinning wheels.

(5) Roller assemblies with mounting materials.

  • Both the wheel and "L" bracket are injection molded with UV protected, gray polypropylene.
  • The wheel is designed to eliminate extra wind loads on lines.
  • The outside diameter of the wheel is 12 inches.
  • The inside diameter of circular groove is 3 inches.
  • Panduit, UV-protected stainless steel cable ties and L-brackets connect the Line guard components.
  • A 5/16" worm-drive, conductor clamp also firmly secures the L-brackets to the conductor.
  • Rollers are injection molded with UV-protected gray polypropylene.
  • Rollers come as two halves allowing for an easy snap together fit.
  • The length of each roller is 12 inches.

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