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Utility companies are excited about the superior protection Critter Guard products give their power lines and substations.

"We have used Critter Guard's Line Guard product for better than six years on Illinois and Missouri overhead power lines near substations. The Line Guard helps us prevent squirrels from gaining access to our substations on overhead lines. We have also tried the Pole Guard on wooden poles near substations to establish a barrier to squirrels that approach overhead conductors from the ground. Our objective is to maintain high service reliability by eliminating outages and contain costs by reducing equipment damage caused by squirrels."

Critter Line Gaurd at Lakeland Electric"Please see the [picture to the left] of our initial Critterguard installation on Switch 970. We were having repeated squirrel issues at this location until we installed the Critter Guard materials. It has now been a year without that first problem. The picture shows that the guards do not clutter up the switch location and do not detract from the appearance of the line. Thanks."
eland Electric

View Closeups of the Critter Guard products at Lakeland Electric

Homeowners across the country are discovering the benefits of Critter Guard. Hear what some homeowners have to say:Homeowner Squirrel Guard

"We are 110% pleased with our Line Guard. After finding out our homeowners insurance would not cover squirrel damage, I was determined to find a way to keep these squirrels off my above ground service lines. That is when I found out about CRITTER GUARD . contacted my power company, Entergy, and had them install a Line Guard to keep the squirrels off my roof. I personally witnessed two different times when a squirrel tried to get over the barrier. Needless to say both were unsuccessful and it proved quite entertaining as well. I would strongly recommend this product to any homeowner with this troublesome problem."
Kathy Henson
Little Rock, Arkansas

Critter Guard Preventing Squirrel Damage"I am writing to let you know that your Critter Guard product works not only with squirrels but also with rats. As I explained on the telephone my home had a big problem with rats entering the house via the power line drop. I installed your guard one week ago, on the first night I observed 2 rats coming down the line, when they came within a foot of the guard they stopped, looked at it and retreated up the line and we have been rat free ever since . So please feel free to use my name on any of your future promotions as I am a satisfied customer."
Miami, Florida
Line Guard preventing access to roofs

Many homeowners are unaware that most insurance companies do not cover damage caused by squirrels, possums, roof rats or other pests. If these pests are accessing your roof and attic via above-ground cables,call the standards and engineering department of your utility company to request they purchase the CRITTER GUARD system. For safety's sake, we require that professional Journeyman Linemen perform installation of all CRITTER GUARD products.


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Allegheny Power; Ameren; Black Hills Power; Boone Electric Cooperative; CanAmerica Foods; Central Maine Power Company; Cinergy; Charter Communications; Cleco Power; Duke Energy; Energy United; Entergy; Equity Utility Services; Gulf Power; Illinois Power Company; Mississippi Power Company; New York State Electric & Gas (NYSEG); Peabody Municipal Light; SMUD; SRP; United Energy, Ltd. (Australia)