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Critter Guard, Inc., was founded in 2000. We are a small business company headquartered in Columbia, MO. Our two primary products are the CG Line Guard and CG Pole Guard. Both are designed with the utility company, homeowner and preservation of wildlife in mind. The focus of our products are to deter and prevent squirrels, roof rats and other rodents from gaining access to power stations and homes where they inflict damage and cause costly power outages.

How We Started

One day in the fall of 2001, my Aunt called to say that squirrels were using an above-ground cable to access her roof and attic. The squirrels had done more than $6,500 in damage, and my Aunt was surprised to find that her insurance did not cover damage caused by rodents.

That day, my father and I developed a simple, yet very effective, solution to her squirrel problem. My aunt spent the next few days listening to the satisfying sound of squirrels falling onto the back porch.

We did some research and learned that squirrels and other pests not only cause residential damage, they are the second-leading cause of power outages in the United States. So we discussed the possibility of bringing our squirrel guard concept to market.

We formed Critter Guard, Inc., attracted some investors, and hired an electrical engineer and a product distribution manager. We established our headquarters in Columbia, Missouri, and set up manufacturing with American Plastics Group Inc., in Union, Missouri.

Within nine months, molds were completed for both Line Guard and Pole Guard, and production was underway. We had already received a number of orders from across the country before we actually had product on hand.

Since then, we've opened up markets across the U.S., in Canada, Australia and across the Pacific. So, what began as a makeshift solution to an annoying squirrel problem has quickly developed into an international business. And now, CRITTER GUARD products are helping utilities around the world prevent costly power outages.
- Founder, Doug Wulff

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Line Guard for animal mitigation design image

Line Guard

The Line Guard keeps squirrels from running across overhead lines to access substations, transformers, and pole mounted switches.

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Pole Guard for wildlife damage control design image

Pole Guard

The Pole Guard prevents squirrels from gaining access to overhead switches, transformers, and power lines by acting as an impenetrable barrier.

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