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Protect Your Home from Opossums with Critter Guard

opossum perched in a tree next to a house

Opossums appear to be harmless. These nocturnal animals waddle around from place to place looking for insects, snails, and berries to eat. A mother opossum will carry a whole litter around on her back trying desperately to keep her little ones safe. They are very agile, solitary animals and world-class tree climbers.

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Improving the Safety of Utility Workers

utility worker performing maintenance on power line

Repairing damaged power lines can be a dangerous job. Although the repairs utility workers make are essential, many types of damage are preventable. Taking steps to keep your neighborhood squirrels, snakes, and other critters from damaging your power lines in the first place is safer and more efficient than having them repaired.

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Protect Your Home from Critters with Humane Pest Control Products

humane pest control product preventing squirrel from accessing roof

Rodents and other wildlife are often the cause of broken power lines and blackouts to your home or neighborhood. Your public utility company must then send out a crew to find the break, repair, and reconnect the lines. This can take hours, even days in bad weather.

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Best Ways to Ensure Power Outage Safety

flashlight kept on hand for in case of power outages

Power outages can be quite the inconvenience, especially when they strike at unexpected times. While there are many causes of power outages, the two most common causes are weather and animal interference. Depending on the extent of damage, a power outage can last for a few hours, days, or even a month. Keep reading to check out a few preparation tips to take in order to stay safe during power outages.

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Prevent Critters from Accessing Substations

power substation protected from critters with line guard and pole guard systems

Stability in your commercial and residential electric service is of the utmost importance. Customers and homeowners often take electricity for granted, never questioning where the power lines that supply that all-important commodity lead. Understanding the elements of your local power grid is essential so that you can better protect power in your area. One of the most important components in your town or county's power grid is a substation.

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