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7 Electrical Safety Tips for Downed or Low-Hanging Power Lines

downed power lines on street creating safety hazard

Power lines carry a substantial load of electric current—from generating plants to substations and eventually to residential homes and business premises. As a critical element of the power transmission grid, power lines require special attention to ensure everybody's safety.

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The Benefits of Critter Guard for Power Utility Companies

utility worker performing maintenance on unprotected power line

When severe winds are forecasted, one of the first things we do is prepare for a potential power outage. This is a relatively rare occurrence, yet it alerts us immediately to a possible state of emergency. What we may not consider is the frequency of power interruptions caused by wildlife.

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Top 4 Critters that Caused Power Outages in 2019

squirrel on unguarded power line

Most people associate power outages with severe weather like thunderstorms and blizzards. However, a very high number of outages are caused by local wildlife each year. These normally harmless creatures can cause big problems for power lines without proper deterrents. Take a look at these top four power outage-inducing critters of 2019.

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Winter Power Outages: Tips for Before, During, and After

house prepared for power outages during winter

In the middle of January when winter is at its peak, plunging temperatures can bring with them dangerous power outages. Are you prepared for when the heat goes out?

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Roof Rats: How You Can Keep Them off Your Home

roof rat in attic after chewing through roof

It can be a little nerve-racking when you hear something moving around or skittering across your roof. In most cases, it's a critter of some kind that's found its way up there. One potential critter that could be causing all that fuss and possible damage to your home is a roof rat.

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