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Is a Generator Worth the Cost?

portable generator outside of home providing power during outage

If your area experiences frequent power outages, you may be trying to decide if a generator would be beneficial for your home. If you’re thinking about buying a generator, check out some pros and cons of portable vs permanent generators below.

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5 Common Causes of Power Outages

squirrel kept off of power lines from use of line guard and pole guard

Power outages occur fairly often, but that doesn't make them any less frustrating. There are many different reasons for a power outage occurrence. Keep reading to check out the most common reasons the lights go out in your home.

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The Evolution of Fiber Optic Tech

close up of fiber optic cables

Fiber cable is a network communication cable that is made up of strands of glass fiber inside an insulating casing, which is designed for long distance, high performance data networking, and telecommunications.

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3 Tips for Protecting Your Technology During a Power Outage

homeowner unplugging technology during power outage

A power outage can be harmful to the technology and appliances located in your home. Though the lack of power does not damage electronic devices, the sudden absence of it and the hard shutdown of devices can cause irreparable damage and the inability to restart technology such as desktop computers, gaming systems, refrigerators, and other devices and appliances located inside the home. However, by following important preparations before, during, and after a power outage, you can better protect your technology from damage during a sudden outage or surge.

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4 Power Outage Safety Tips

candles and battery powered clock used during power outage

As most power outages occur with little to no warning, it’s important to make sure you’re prepared at all times. A power outage can be caused by both human and natural factors, including wildlife. Among the common factors include squirrels, storms, earthquakes, lightning, high power demand, deep digging, trees, and many more. In order to up your game for power outage preparation and safety, check out these tips below.

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