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Take Preventive Measures Against Power Outages in Commercial Business

small city skyline at night with one building with partial power outage to top floors

When the power goes out in a business, everything is put on hold: the work stops, the business closes, or everyone sits waiting to resume production and carry-on, which can waste valuable time and resources. Without electricity, there is no power to run airports, open cash registers at retail stores, and operate warehouse machinery. Hospitals and other healthcare businesses depend on electricity for life saving equipment, and police and fire departments rely on power in communication systems.

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Tips for Power Companies to Tame Blackouts

tree with yellow leaves in sunlight next to building

Power outages become a severe inconvenience to power utility firms because they affect entire operations. Blackouts in various regions can last several hours or days. Changes in climate conditions and natural calamities are often attributed to most causes of catastrophic power outages. However, squirrels and rodents finding their way into substations across power lines largely disrupt power too. Critter Guard’s Line Guard and Pole Guard systems prevent critter access to these, so they are not a problem. Still, power utility companies need to find solutions to cushion themselves from the impact of unexpected or planned power failure. Here are a few tips:

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Fines and Protective Laws for Critters – Rodents Have Rights Too!

squirrel on metal hand rail with acorn in mouth

Did you know that a squirrel lurking in the rafters of your house may be protected by law? In some states, squirrels are illegal to house or keep as pets, so are you breaking the law allowing the squirrel to stay in your house? Maybe. In addition, states like Washington and Oregon have extra protection for wildlife that come with penalties if they are neglected and put in harm’s way, so it is important to keep these critters out and avoid any burdening responsibilities. Protective systems like our Line Guard and Pole Guard will do just that, so you can live more worry-free.

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Protect Fiber Optic Cables for Your Everyday Life

close-up of 3-wire cable on black background

If you have ever used the internet (clearly yes, if you’re reading this blog post!), watched cable television, or used a landline telephone, you have relied on fiber optic cables. Fiber optics provide high-speed data transmission and can be frustrating, even life-critical, when data transmission gets interrupted. The technology plays such an important role in our lives, and it is crucial to protect it from things like critter damage with our Line Guard and Pole Guard.

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Maintain Proper Home Insulation

home construction and off-white colored insullation

In an ideal world, humans could live harmoniously in perfect, climate-controlled homes without any cost; unfortunately, we are far from that, so home insulation and air sealing is a must. Also unfortunately, squirrels, rodents, and other critters find their way into your home and destroy your home insulation efforts, costing homeowners small fortunes and unnecessary stresses. It’s best and easiest to keep them out and away from your home. Fortunately, critters can be kept at bay with Critter Guard’s Line Guard and Pole Guard, so you can keep your home and insulation safe, secure, and running in top-notch shape.

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