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Power Grid System Upgrades to Improve Efficiency

power utility pole and overhead lines

More and more pressure is put on utility companies as they continue to look for ways to upgrade their communities’ power grid system and improve efficiency. However, these methods usually require time, resources, and specific expertise. Utility companies seek the best options that quickly make a return on investment, while also being effective in the long term. Add these technologies to upgrade your utility systems to better serve your customers and be more efficient with your resource spending.

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Prepare Your Generator for Power Outages

portable power generator

Power outages are never fun. Owning a generator is a great way to avoid discomfort and stress in power outages. Having a backup power source will keep your home at a comfortable temperature and prevent food in your refrigerator from spoiling. You won't have to fumble around in the dark with flashlights. If you have a home alarm or security system, a generator can keep it operating, so that you stay safe even during a blackout. If you have medical equipment, a generator is definitely critical. Be sure to maintain and care for your generator, so it will be available and in working condition in case emergency strikes.

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Protecting Your Transformer and Electrical System

electrical substation at dawn

A local electrical system is extremely important, for it helps to ensure all members of a community have access to power throughout the day. While electricity helps to provide us with plenty of comfort in our daily lives, it is also extremely valuable and necessary for medical services and proper emergency response. One of the most important components of any public electrical system is the transformer. A transformer typically sits at the top of a power pole and is typically responsible for stepping the high voltages used for transmission down to the lower voltages used by homes and businesses.  Keeping the transformer safe and operational is critical. While most transformers are very reliable, one of the biggest hazards they all face is the risk of being damaged by squirrels and other animals. Fortunately, it is possible to protect an electrical system from critters with our various systems.

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Prepare Your Emergency Preparedness Kit for Power Outages and Other Disasters

woman with large purse on smartphone

Emergency situations like tornadoes, floods or snowstorms can cause power outages. Even squirrels and rodents tampering with utility lines can cause power failures. When these happen, you want to be prepared for yourself and your family. Here are some tips for getting through an outage.

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Power Substation Costs: Invest in Protection!

power substation

Power substations are the backbone of a community’s power source. Without them, there would be no facilitator for energy, no voltage, no transmission, just no energy. Something so vital to our daily lives deserves the best, high quality equipment to keep it running smoothly by protecting it from damage from critters. How much equipment are we protecting? These are some important parts for a substation to run properly to feed your home and business power.

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