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Wildlife Interaction with Electric Utility Components

squirrel on power line

Human-wildlife interactions are inescapable, even in dense, urban areas. As our populations expand, animals must adapt, which sometimes causes expensive or dangerous damage to property. Power lines and utility components showcase a major conflict; they're crucial for maintaining our modern lifestyle but are attractive to wildlife like squirrels. Rather than turning to traps or poison that are inhumane and dangerous to pets and non-pest wildlife, physical barriers are extremely effective at blocking wildlife access to electrical components. Our Pole Guards and Line Guards act as deterrents and prevent costly damage.

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Why Are Power Lines Overhead and Not Underground?

eletrical lines and pylon trusses at sunrise

Most people have probably stopped noticing overhead power lines a long time ago; they just feel part of the landscape now. But have you ever wondered why our power lines are up there in the first place? Sure, they're out of the way, but the same would be true if we put them in underground conduits, so why do we still send them skywards?

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What is Undergrounding?

underground utility line construction in middle of street

When you think of electric power lines, you probably envision overhead lines. Held up by utility poles, they're such a part of your life that you probably don't notice them until one goes down. However, while overhead lines get the job done, there areas of improvement to see our power delivered, not from above, but from below ground. This process of burying power lines is called undergrounding. While it is not the norm now, it is becoming more common.

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Protect Your Roofing Insulation from Rodents

3 small houses close together with electric line

The insulation for your roof system is generally found in the attic area or crawl space beneath the roof. Several different types of insulation materials are available to hold in the heat and cooled air from your heating ventilation and air conditioning system. Your pipes may also be wrapped with insulating materials, and various types of insulation can also be found in your walls.

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How Do Squirrels Survive Winter Without Hibernating

squirrel on snowy ground next to tree trunk

When the weather starts to get crisp in the fall, you might notice local squirrels start putting on some pounds. This "fattening up" for winter reminds many people of what bears do as they prepare for hibernation. While tree squirrels have a few behaviors that help them survive winter, they don't actually hibernate. You'll see them running around in all seasons, so it's crucial to be wary of them and protect anything they may claw and damage year-round.

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