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How Electric Power Grid Systems Work

power lines and transformers delivering electricity across a vast distance

An electrical grid is a sophisticated yet fascinating and essential system in our daily lives. The electric grid connects and distributes power to many towns and cities miles away from one another. Many things happen behind the scenes to bring forth the electricity in people's homes, businesses, and companies, yet many people don’t usually think much about the electrical grid until a power outage occurs. The electrical grid consists of various parts and systems and keeping these systems functioning properly is important to our everyday lives.

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How to Remove Squirrels from Your House

squirrel on roof of house

Squirrels look adorable when they're playing in your yard, but your attitude will likely change if they find their way inside your home. Not only do squirrels inside your house make you and your household pets crazy, but they can also cause substantial damage to your home. In Indiana, a newly built community center dealt with $300,000 worth of squirrel damage.

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Copper Wiring in Substations and Why It’s Stolen

copper wire used in power line

When it comes to wiring substations, there are two choices of wire: copper and aluminum. Copper wiring is the preferred choice to use in substations as it’s not only an excellent conductor, copper wires are also easier to work with, seldom require repairs, and are very versatile. The biggest problem with copper wiring, however, is that it's frequently stolen.

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Overarching Cyber Security Threats

squirrel running across power line in Missouri

In the 21st century, we depend on technology and electricity every day. Breaches in cyber security, along with damage to power lines and other forms of technology, can cause significant disruptions to our lives. Traditional security measures paired with Critter Guard’s Line Guard and Pole Guard can help protect against threats from both hackers and wild animals.

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The Best Way to Protect Automated Power Systems

automated substation providing power

Automated power systems are a powerful and increasingly prevalent way to control and manage important power services. These systems are vital to keeping electricity flowing throughout homes and businesses. Any damage done to them could be harmful to day to day life and cost a lot of money for repairs in the process. Critter Guard’s Line Guard and Pole Guard can help protect these systems and prevent outages in your area.

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