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Dangers of Power Lines

lightning across dark blue sky above home, tree, fence, and power lines

While many power lines now sit below ground, those above still pose significant risks. Not only are power lines susceptible to critters, like squirrels, causing outages that leave you powerless, but they are also dangerous. While Critter Guard systems can prevent power outages that impact your home or business, awareness and caution will help you avoid the dangers of power lines.

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Adopting a Smart Grid

cityscape at night with network node connection graphics in sky

The demand for clean energy is increasing every day as the appetite for electricity from various households and establishments swells. Replacing the conventional electrical grid with a smart grid is critical towards the long-term provision of clean energy, for the latter allows automatic devices, consumers, and operators to monitor consumption in real-time and better understand their need for energy.

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Fiber Optics: Technology Worth Protecting

lit up fiber strands of fiber optic cable

Fiber optics is one of the newer technologies in Internet and communication services. The installation and use of fiber for a homeowner's Internet service have been touted and the source of envy for those that don't yet have the option. They're an investment that should be protected, but what is the fuss about?

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The Fascinating Science Behind What Makes Power Lines Buzz

utility poles with electrical lines along tree line at sunset

Have you ever walked out to check the mail or to a neighbor's house and heard an odd little buzzing noise when you approached a power line or transformer? Did it make you worry that something may be wrong, or were you just a little confused about why it was making noise? The truth is: it is a very commonly heard noise that is always there. This steady droning or vibration is called "mains hum," and often, it draws attention of small animals, who may creep up and investigate if you do not protect your lines. The science behind what makes power lines buzz is quite interesting to humans too!

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Nutty Squirrels and Rodents Threatening Your Power Supply

squirrel on metal bar railing with autumn leaves on ground

Rodents on the Grid

In the heart of the city, on your hike in the woods, or in your very own backyard, squirrels are seemingly ubiquitous. These small critters are well-adapted to numerous locales across the country and the world. Did you know they are also the cause of a whopping 10-20% of power outages annually? Critter Guard offers humane protection from these 100% preventable events.

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