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Will Your Home Insurance Cover Damage Caused by Critters?

squirrel on roof of house after gaining access from power line

Pests such as squirrels, mice, and chipmunks can cause a great deal of property damage to your home. Squirrels and other critters commonly gain access to roofs and attics via power lines and utility poles. They can quickly chew through the exterior of the roof to gain access to the warm attic. Once inside, these animals build nests, chew through wood and wires, and quickly locate the food sources inside the home. Fortunately, Critter Guard is an effective method of preventing critters from entering the attic via power lines and causing damage to your home exterior.

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Pros And Cons Of Steel Utility Poles

steel utility pole with many power lines

Utility poles are so much a part of the backdrop of our streets that we scarcely give them a thought. They are an integral part of the quality of life we experience, and the convenience that having immediate access to electricity assures us. A failed utility pole gets our immediate attention, especially when the power goes off. Fortunately, we at Critter Guard have solutions for keeping the lights on when local wildlife inadvertently threatens to interrupt the service.

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Protecting Transmission and Distribution Power Lines

transmission and distribution power lines intercrossing

There are many components that go into creating a functional electrical grid. Generators, substations, and power lines all contribute in different ways in order to keep the lights on and our appliances running. Transmission and distribution power lines are two important parts of our electrical system and protecting these lines from damage is crucial to our daily lives.

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Protecting Raptors from a Dangerous Perch

raptor perched on utility pole

According to the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine, raptors are carnivorous birds that share three specific characteristics: keen eyesight, eight sharp talons, and hooked beaks. Members of the raptor family include eagles, hawks, and even vultures. Many raptors are protected species in the United States and power lines and poles present a unique danger to these particular avian species.

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The Advantages of Using Solar Energy for Your Home

solar panels on roof protected from wildlife by line guards and pole guards

Solar panels are quickly growing in popularity across the globe. Powered by a renewable resource (the sun), solar panels provide a limitless supply of energy with lower electricity costs, leave a minimal carbon footprint, and run everything requiring electricity in your home with top performance.

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