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Preventing Lyme Disease from Rodent Carriers in Your Home

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Did you know that Lyme disease may be hiding in your home on the backs of squirrels, mice, and rodents? Ticks that carry this debilitating and complex disease can live and feed on animals. Deer and larger animals are often blamed for carrying Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses, but squirrels and other critters live in and around tick-infested forests too and are also prime carriers. The rodents host ticks, fleas, and mites with many types of bacteria and germs that cause different diseases and infections in small and large mammals, including humans.

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Dangerous Diseases from Squirrels in the Home

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Most people do not encourage squirrels to nest or live in their home, and for good reason. Squirrels are wild animals that thrive in the wilderness, not in the eaves of an attic. When confronted by humans in an unnatural environment, squirrels will panic and sometimes attack if they feel threatened. Some people aren’t too concerned about an animal smaller than a football attacking, but you may want to reconsider. Squirrels can be more dangerous than you think.

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Don't Bring Squirrels Indoors as Pets

squirrel perched atop a camera bag

It can be hard not to smile when watching squirrels chase each other around the yard or park. It can be fun to enjoy their frenetic energy, following their constantly twitching tails as they scurry about a tree trunk or frantically search for acorns in the spring. Many people have pondered whether to care for them and keep as a pet, bringing a few squirrels into their home. The resounding advice from those who have done so is to not make their same mistakes. Despite squirrels’ cute and cuddly appearance from afar, the realities of bringing a wild animal into your home are far from charming. Finding them unexpectedly inside your home without Critter Guard’s utility line and pole guards to deter them can also be an unpleasant surprise. Squirrels’ nature and demeanor can wreak havoc in your home, so keep them out!

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Prepare an Emergency Power Outage Plan for Commercial Buildings

office building at night with blue lights

A manager or owner of a commercial building may face difficult situations in a power outage. Do tenants know what to do if the electricity goes out? Who should they contact? Are you or the power company tending to tenants’ questions? What precautions can you take to make power outages easier to deal with? An emergency power outage plan addresses these and other concerns before the lights go out, so everybody knows what to do without being left in the dark. Develop a plan now for your commercial building before an outage strikes with these tips.

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How Does Your City's Power Grid Work?

overhead of skyscrapers in grid system at night

When you walk into a room and flip the switch on the wall or turn on your computer by pressing a power button, you probably don't give much extra thought to how the energy reaches your home, lights come on, or how power is dispersed to start spinning the hard drive. You probably do highly consider the electricity that doesn’t reach your home, however, when you wake up in the middle of the night sweating and don't hear the soft humming of the air conditioner. This can be a big problem when utility equipment isn’t protected from critters and squirrels, who wreak havoc and can cause major power outages.

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