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An Unexpected Source of Home and Roof Damage

squirrel climbing down tree with nut in mouth

With their bushy tails and cute, furry faces, you may not think of squirrels as annoying pests. Unfortunately, when it comes to your roof, squirrels and other rodents can cause hundreds and even thousands of dollars of damage, if given the chance and if they find access to your home. Our protective systems are an affordable, ingenious way to keep critters off utility and electric poles and lines to keep your home safe.

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Remember Carbon Monoxide Safety When Using Generators During Power Outages

dejected, worn-down man sitting outside

Portable backup generators are a great way to access power in the event of an outage, like when squirrels and rodents damage essential electrical equipment and disrupt power systems of your home, office, or substation. Unfortunately, generators produce carbon monoxide, a deadly gas that is life-threatening. Make sure you understand your generator and how to operate it safely and properly to avoid the threat of carbon monoxide poisoning.

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Protect Electric Equipment from Critters Using Pole Guards

side of country road with rows of crops and utility pole with power lines

Many power lines in the United States are above ground, strung between utility poles that keep the lines at a safe, yet accessible, distance from the ground. Utility poles also hold essential equipment, provide power lines with stability, and protect them from potentially dangerous elements, such as high winds. Without utility poles, lines would need to be buried underground, which can be expensive, time consuming, and makes the lines more difficult to access.  Although arguably necessary, power poles are also problematic, providing rodents like squirrels an easy facet to climb about and damage electric equipment.

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Take Preventive Measures Against Power Outages in Commercial Business

small city skyline at night with one building with partial power outage to top floors

When the power goes out in a business, everything is put on hold: the work stops, the business closes, or everyone sits waiting to resume production and carry-on, which can waste valuable time and resources. Without electricity, there is no power to run airports, open cash registers at retail stores, and operate warehouse machinery. Hospitals and other healthcare businesses depend on electricity for life saving equipment, and police and fire departments rely on power in communication systems.

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Tips for Power Companies to Tame Blackouts

tree with yellow leaves in sunlight next to building

Power outages become a severe inconvenience to power utility firms because they affect entire operations. Blackouts in various regions can last several hours or days. Changes in climate conditions and natural calamities are often attributed to most causes of catastrophic power outages. However, squirrels and rodents finding their way into substations across power lines largely disrupt power too. Critter Guard’s Line Guard and Pole Guard systems prevent critter access to these, so they are not a problem. Still, power utility companies need to find solutions to cushion themselves from the impact of unexpected or planned power failure. Here are a few tips:

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