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Pick the Right Surge Protector for Your Electronics

close-up of surge protector with computer outlet indicator

When everything is going right, all power is on, and no electric lines are tampered from meddling squirrels, electricity can flow and power your electrical devices. Your electronics are important to you, so protect them with a good surge protector. When it comes to buying a surge protector, here are some things you should know.

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Laws Preventing Power Shutdowns

pen sitting next to signature line of document

A power outage is often unexpected, especially from power lines suddenly snapping in winter storms, substation damage in icy conditions, or power equipment damaged from rogue rodents chewing or clawing through. These power failures are problematic. In the winter months when the temperatures can be fatally freezing, there are thankfully some state laws that prevent companies from shutting down power until temperatures reach a livable range without electricity. Also, many of these states have laws that protect those who have medical conditions, provided proper documentation has been filed with their electric company. Additionally, most states have a law with specific conditions and regulations within their state that prevents companies from shutting down power for people's safety. These are some examples:

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Crucial Role and Protection of Substations

substation unit in daytime

Throughout the nation, local electric companies have substations positioned throughout their service areas. An electrical substation is a group of electrical equipment within an electrical network that safely delivers electricity to customers within a given area. Key components found in a substation include electrical power transformers, instrument transformers, busbars, and other components. These key components are essential for maintaining and delivering electricity to customers linked to the substation. They are easily damaged though, especially from clawing, chewing squirrels, so it is important to protect them and keep critters at bay.

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Your Emergency Plan for a Winter Power Outage

mug on windowsill on icy winter day

There are many reasons why you might experience a power outage in the winter, from heavily iced lines to frantic squirrels and rodents running about looking to stay warm. Either way, you must know what to do and be prepared to handle a power failure! An outage any time of the year isn't nearly as dangerous as it is during the winter. While you might experience the loss of some refrigerated or frozen foods any other time of year, the wintertime presents you with another problem: staying warm.

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Predicting Power Outages Using a "Squirrel" Method?

electrical line truss in evening

Squirrels: those cute, little furry critters! Some say they're adorable, but they can wreak havoc on power grids by damaging and chewing through electrical wires. These creatures, along with many other potential causes of power outages, were the points of focus in a three-year study done at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Researchers designed an algorithm to predict causes of major long-term blackouts and possible catastrophic shutdowns of utility companies. The name of this study? "Squirrel"!

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