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Standing Up to the Elements

one wooden utility pole overlooking city lights at night with incoming storms and lightning

Whether you notice them or not, utility poles are an omnipresent feature in the backdrop of our modern world. Though some say they can be an eyesore on the landscape, it's hard to deny that they play an extremely valuable role in the fabric of our lives. When the power goes down, it becomes crystal clear just how important utility poles really are.

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Fun Activities to Do During a Blackout

hand in darkness playing the white queen in a game of chess

Today’s activities often revolve around TV, computer, and other electronic use, but when there’s a power outage due to squirrel-related utility damage, there are plenty of other leisure activities to do to pass time. Our cell phones may last a short while, but eventually, the house or office becomes silent and dark. Critter Guard can help prevent power outages by blocking critters' access and damage to utility poles and lines, a common cause of power interruptions. But if you've been hit by a power outage (that is, hopefully you're reading this before it hits, and you have unfortunately not yet protected yourself from the dark downtime), consider some of these activities to help you keep your sanity while you await power restoration.

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Limit Energy Use During a Blackout

extremely dim light bulb sitting on black glass table in the dark

A blackout can happen when least expected. Power outages are frequent and aren't just a byproduct of storms. Critters, especially squirrels, are a major cause. We created our Line Guard and Pole Guard product systems as a humane solution to this common problem: great for homeowners, business owners, and power companies alike.

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Be Careful of Fire During Power Outages

frayed cable on fire

When the power goes out, the risk of fire goes up unless you know for sure that your own building's electrical lines and connections are not causing the outage. A power outage in a room or building caused by a shorted-out or broken wire may leave a dangerous, live wire connected to the power source. These are frequently caused by squirrels and other rodents that have chewed up and damaged wires by accessing them from unprotected utility lines and poles.

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An Unexpected Source of Home and Roof Damage

squirrel climbing down tree with nut in mouth

With their bushy tails and cute, furry faces, you may not think of squirrels as annoying pests. Unfortunately, when it comes to your roof, squirrels and other rodents can cause hundreds and even thousands of dollars of damage, if given the chance and if they find access to your home. Our protective systems are an affordable, ingenious way to keep critters off utility and electric poles and lines to keep your home safe.

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