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Protect Your Roofing Insulation from Rodents

3 small houses close together with electric line

The insulation for your roof system is generally found in the attic area or crawl space beneath the roof. Several different types of insulation materials are available to hold in the heat and cooled air from your heating ventilation and air conditioning system. Your pipes may also be wrapped with insulating materials, and various types of insulation can also be found in your walls.

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How Do Squirrels Survive Winter Without Hibernating

squirrel on snowy ground next to tree trunk

When the weather starts to get crisp in the fall, you might notice local squirrels start putting on some pounds. This "fattening up" for winter reminds many people of what bears do as they prepare for hibernation. While tree squirrels have a few behaviors that help them survive winter, they don't actually hibernate. You'll see them running around in all seasons, so it's crucial to be wary of them and protect anything they may claw and damage year-round.

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How Do Transmission Lines Work?

transmission lines strung between utility poles and electric pylon trusses

Transmission lines are a vital component in the modern electric system. But what are these lines? How do they work? And what measures help ensure they keep working? The Critter Guard team works with transmission lines every day, with intelligently-designed line- and pole-protecting systems to help prevent rodent damage to the lines, which can cause power outages. We know these lines are crucial and to not overlook them until it's too late.

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Measure the Cost of Electricity

hand plugging in power cables into surge protector

Have you ever been baffled by the charges on your electric bill? Understanding utility bills is not something that many people are required to understand; however, a working knowledge of how it is measured may help you to figure out your electric bill better and could help you lower your electric costs over time. All it takes is a little of time to learn the basics of electricity. Learn how electricity is measured, charged, and how a power outage can affect your bill. 

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Pick the Right Surge Protector for Your Electronics

close-up of surge protector with computer outlet indicator

When everything is going right, all power is on, and no electric lines are tampered from meddling squirrels, electricity can flow and power your electrical devices. Your electronics are important to you, so protect them with a good surge protector. When it comes to buying a surge protector, here are some things you should know.

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