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The Advantages of Using Solar Energy for Your Home

solar panels on roof protected from wildlife by line guards and pole guards

Solar panels are quickly growing in popularity across the globe. Powered by a renewable resource (the sun), solar panels provide a limitless supply of energy with lower electricity costs, leave a minimal carbon footprint, and run everything requiring electricity in your home with top performance.

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Power Outage Safety Tips for Homeowners

candle lit in home to provide light during power outage

As a homeowner, you should be well-acquainted with the need for preventive maintenance to keep your home functional and safe. While preventive maintenance for your roof, major appliances, and gutters are often considered, the prevention of power outages at your home should also be top of mind.

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Protecting Squirrels from Uninsulated Power Lines

squirrel prevented from climbing on utility poles and power lines

Every day, we see squirrels scurry up trees, leap from branch to branch, and scamper across power lines. It is natural that the squirrels would want to climb power poles and lines; after all, they live in trees. Since 90% of power lines are not insulated, this is a gamble indeed, and unsuspecting squirrels may realize too late that the lines are not necessarily a safe bridge from point A to point B.

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Electrical Transformer Failure: Cause and Prevention

electrical transformer suspended on utility pole

An electrical transformer is a device comprised of two or more wire coils which use a magnetic field to convert electrical currents transmitted via power lines to higher or lower power levels. Electrical transformers are an essential component to electrical systems, and they exist in several different forms based on the needs of the system into which they are integrated.

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Substation Maintenance: Protecting Against Critters

power substation protected from critters

Substation maintenance is crucial to any utility company. Inspections should include troubleshooting equipment, testing substation relays to ensure they are operating properly, and making sure devices are cleaned thoroughly and properly.

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