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Overarching Cyber Security Threats

squirrel running across power line in Missouri

In the 21st century, we depend on technology and electricity every day. Breaches in cyber security, along with damage to power lines and other forms of technology, can cause significant disruptions to our lives. Traditional security measures paired with Critter Guard’s Line Guard and Pole Guard can help protect against threats from both hackers and wild animals.

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The Best Way to Protect Automated Power Systems

automated substation providing power

Automated power systems are a powerful and increasingly prevalent way to control and manage important power services. These systems are vital to keeping electricity flowing throughout homes and businesses. Any damage done to them could be harmful to day to day life and cost a lot of money for repairs in the process. Critter Guard’s Line Guard and Pole Guard can help protect these systems and prevent outages in your area.

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Safety Tips to Remember When Using a Power Generator

portable power generator providing electricity

For those who live in more rural areas, you probably have your fair share of problems that aren't too common in a city. One such problem being less reliable power. Often times during a power outage, people who live out of town or in the country are less of a priority when it comes to getting their power restored and when that happens, having a backup generator can be necessary. Power outages can happen from bad weather or damage caused by wild animals. Though protecting your home from power outages due to weather can be difficult, Critter Guard’s Line Guard and Pole Guard can help protect your home's power from damage caused by squirrels or other critters.

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Creating Usable Electricity from Sustainable Energy

field of solar panels generating electricity

In order to ensure that using electricity will continue to be possible, it is important to explore forms of electricity created by renewable resources. Sustainable energy from the sun, wind, and other natural sources produce power and protect the earth by producing significantly less air pollution than fossil fuel. With electricity being produced, no matter what form, delivering that power to people and companies across the world is important. Critter Guard’s Line Guard and Pole Guard help protect against outages caused by wild animals.

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Smart Grids: An Effort to Deliver Reliable Power

smart grid power lines running across the country

The smart grid is the future hope of delivering energy to consumers. It holds the potential for two-way communication, monitoring and analysis with features that include automatic adjustments, and the optimization of power delivery with minimal outages, shorter recovery times and the ability to reroute power to where it is needed most. With the help of Critter Guard’s Line Guard and Pole Guard, outages would be few and far between.

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