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How Power Outages are Measured

power outage in city caused by animal

One animal's misfortune can affect an entire community's ability to function. Because of this, it is important to implement safeguards against such accidents from ever happening. This is where Critter Guard comes through to not only protect consumers from inconvenient power outages that can affect their livelihood, but the critters as well.

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Creating and Maintaining Overhead Lines

maintained overhead power lines

Overhead power lines were created long ago, and we have seen multiple transformations of electrical lines since. Fast forward to 2019, and they've become higher in voltage and remain a low-cost solution for large masses of electrical energy. The conductors are the most commonly used source for overhead power lines, which should be protected from damage to retain a steady power source. The two most used metals for the conductors are aluminum and copper, with copper being the standard for electrical conductivity. A benefit of copper is that it is more conductive than aluminum, as aluminum is only about 61% as conductive as copper.

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Protecting Sloths from Power Lines

sloth hanging from tree

Sloths may be beautiful animals, but their instinctive need to climb and hang from branches can lead them to do so on power lines. Sloths and other animals that interact with power lines can easily be electrocuted and cause power outages in the process. Critter Guard's Line Guards and Pole Guards are designed to prevent sloths from accessing power lines.

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Curious Animals Can Damage Electric Systems

squirrel against green background

Proper maintenance is one of the most important keys to making sure the power doesn't go out during the next big storm. Regular utility inspections are required to make sure the lines and power poles haven't been damaged by time, weather, and critters such as squirrels, rodents, birds, and other animals.

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The Importance of Substation Design

view of substation

Preserving power for the individuals and communities dependent upon it is critical to life, health, and safety. An integral part of accomplishing this objective comes in the form of proper substation design and protection from squirrel and critter damage. Answering a series of questions allows us to identify how substation design affects those who depend upon it.

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