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Protect Substations from Meddling Critters

substation protected from critter damage with Critter Guard's line guard and pole guard products

Power substations are a key part of distributing power to people all across the world. Substations transfer power from different sources to its destination at the correct voltage. As such, keeping substations up and running is critical. This means protecting these systems from all sorts of damage, including damage inflicted by wildlife.

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3 Sustainable Energy Solutions for Your Home

solar panels on roof of building protected from critter interference

With the increasing threat of climate change, it is important to invest in sustainable energy solutions for your home. Not only will this help make a positive difference but will also be a lot more affordable for you long-term. Check out these three sustainable energy solutions for your home below.

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The Importance of Protecting Your Home's Insulation

newly installed insulation in attic after squirrel damage

Home insulation helps to optimize your home’s energy efficiency. In order to reap the numerous benefits of home insulation, you must insulate it properly from its roof down to the foundation.

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3 Things to Avoid During a Power Outage

person using smartphone during power outage for emergency

Power outages are no fun and, unfortunately, there's no way around them. A short outage may just be a minor frustration but having to spend hours or even days without power can be a bigger challenge. Fortunately, there are plenty of smart steps you can take to get through an outage as smoothly as possible. Check out these three important things to avoid during an extended power outage.

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Top 3 Rodent Control Products

squirrel not able to access roof to house due to line guard and pole guard systems

A rodent infestation in your home can not only cause an unexpected scare, they can also cause extensive damage. Most insurance companies do not cover damage caused by pests such as rats and squirrels. Since many of these pests can find their way into your home via above-ground cables, having rodent control products that will protect your home both at ground-level and above-ground is essential. Check out these three best rodent control products currently on the market.

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