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How to Keep Your Food Safe During a Power Outage

how to keep your food safe during a power outage

Power outages regularly disrupt the daily lives of people across the world. It can be even more frustrating when these outages were preventable just by protecting utility lines and poles from rodent damage. While many power failures can be solved in a matter of hours, more severe issues have the potential to cause major damage to the way areas of society function. This can be seen most evidently in what it does to the food supply.

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Phone Apps to the Rescue During Power Outages!

close-up of woman wearing a watch and typing with thumbs on a smartphone

Smartphones are more powerful than ever, and they can be used in many situations, even when power fails due to critter-damaged electrical lines and equipment. Why not use your phone to ensure your safety during an outage? Here are a few kinds of apps to help you and your family manage in the dark.

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Back Up Your Home with an Uninterrupted Power Supply

uninterruptible power supply with electric plugs on wooden floor

Rural areas throughout the United States frequently encounter electrical difficulties.  Often, utility companies find animal-damaged lines costing billions of dollars in repairs.  You can help your electrical provider prevent outages simply and humanely with innovative solutions from Critter Guard.  However, if you're considering other alternatives for when the inevitable outage occurs, an uninterrupted power supply might be the solution!

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Dictating Factors of Costs of Power Outages

power outage in city at dawn with sun peeking between buildings

Power interruptions have cost implications to both consumers and power utility companies. Hence, companies in the energy industry need to establish and know the actual cost of power outages, for blackouts affect their operations and reputation as well. Additionally, companies should know how to protect themselves from equipment damage with Critter Guard systems to keep up operations. Power outages are a nuisance and affect many parties. Here are the factors to consider to truly understand the impacts of power failures.

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6 Tips to Extend Your Phone's Battery Life in an Emergency Situation

locked cell phone in foreground in airplane mode with blurry background

Being prepared for emergency situations is something commonly overlooked by business and home owners. Making sure your power lines and substations are initially protected from power outages with Critter Guard's Line Guard and Pole Guard systems can prevent rodent damage to equipment and keep your business and family safer, avoiding blackouts.

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