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Protect Power Lines and Substations with Critter Guard's Line Guard and Pole Guard

Located in Columbia, MO, Critter Guard is a humane wildlife control product developer specializing in protecting electric power and communication lines, transformers, switches, and substations for utility companies and homeowners across the United States and international markets. Animal related power outages cost billions of dollars in damages each year in the United States, and are one of the most common causes of outages internationally. With this in mind, we created products specifically designed to humanely deter squirrels and other animals (i.e., critters) from accessing electric power and data communication lines, substations, and transformers resulting in reduced loss of life for animals while keeping power and/or information flowing safely.

 Critter Guard’s Pole Guard

Critter Guard’s Pole Guard

Acting as a barrier to prevent animals from gaining access to power lines and substations via utility/power poles, Pole Guard is a popular product for deterring squirrels and other animals for power companies as well as the homeowner. While not interfering with routine powerline maintenance, Pole Guard prevents animals from climbing the pole and getting access to the pole-mounted equipment, such as transformers and connectors, and ultimately the electric powerlines, (or communication lines), substations, and other critical power equipment. Contact us, or continue browsing our website, to learn more about how Critter Guard’s Pole Guard can deter squirrels and rodents from reaching overhead powerlines near you today!

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Critter Guard’s Line Guard

Line Guard acts as a barrier to stop animals such squirrels, rats, rodents, snakes, sloths, and even monkeys, from running across the electric powerlines and data lines and gaining access to live switches, transformers, and substations.  Additionally, Line Guard is a great deterrent to squirrels and rodents getting into your home’s attic and causing additional damage to your property, as well as possible power outages. Contact us to learn more about how Line Guard can limit animals’ access to power lines!

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 Critter Guard’s Line Guard

Serving Transmission & Distribution Utilities and Homeowners Around the World

At Critter Guard, we know firsthand that squirrels are a global nuisance, but whether it’s rats in Southeast Asia, or protected sloths in South America, Critter Guard aims to provide a product to keep you and your area with power.  Whether it is common for squirrels, rats, raptors, snakes, sloths or even monkeys to cause power outages in your area, we can help.  If you are interested in learning how Critter Guard keeps the power on in international markets, contact us.

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With animals causing such a large portion of power outages in the United States and international markets, we at Critter Guard understand having a robust high-quality animal mitigation product is necessary to keeping the power on. Covering both utility pole and power and communication line access, our Pole Guard and Line Guard products are designed specifically to mitigate damage and reduce costs from animal related power outages. If you’re interested in how our Pole Guard and Line Guard products are utilized by power companies across the United States (and many international utilities as well) to prevent rodent related outages, contact us today to learn how we can help!

At Critter Guard, we understand the importance of protecting your powerlines by offering humane deterrents for squirrels, rodents, raptors, and other pests from gaining access to powerlines, substations and transformers. If you are a homeowner or small business owner interested in preventing squirrels from entering your home or attic, click here, or if you work with the electric power, cable television, or data communications industry and have technical or commercial questions,  feel free to contact us today to learn more.