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Our Line Guard 3 Pack product, helps to protect your power lines from small animals like squirrels or rats. The 3 Pack should be ordered if you have three overhead lines that need protection. If you have ever experienced a power outage due to a small animal, you can sympathize how important our product is and the potential costs it can save.

The Line Guard 3 Pack works by attaching rollers and jump barriers to your power lines, which ultimately prevents access to animals via the lines. With typical power lines, if a small animal gains access to the power line, there is nothing that can stop that critter from causing a power outage or damage to critical equipment. Through our product, the Line Guard 3 Pack, our goal is to protect your building by blocking animals’ access to your building or power-related equipment.

The Line Guard 3 Pack includes three complete Line Guard kits. In total, the package includes 15 rollers, 6 wheels, 6 “L” brackets, 18 stainless-steel ties, and 6 conductor clamps. For your convenience, we also include detailed installation instructions. At Critter Guard we highly suggest hiring a professional power line technician to install the Line Guard 3 Pack safely.

Through our Line Guard 3 Pack, we can serve various types of customers. Our product helps to protect the power lines of residential buildings, commercial buildings, telecom companies, and cable companies. Through each of these types of customers, we have been lucky enough to not only serve customers accorss the United States, but also individuals in other countries too. Providing our product worldwide has helped us to protect power lines from various animals like squirrels, rats, snakes, monkeys, sloths, and more.

Whether you live in the United States or overseas, we want to help you from having animal-caused power outages. If you are interested in ordering the Line Guard 3 Pack or learning more about our product that deters squirrels and other animals, please contact us today at sales@critterguard.org. We also offer this product in a Line Guard 1 Pack, Line Guard 2 Pack, and Line Guard 4 Pack.

If you want to protect more than three or four power lines, we highly suggest contacting us today so we can help you determine how many line guards you need for your unique setup.

For overhead power line applications, Critter Guard recommends this product be installed by qualified power line technicians. This is not absolutely required, but is good practice. It is not required to de-power the line. Assure the conductor is properly insulated and not showing signs of wear or degradation. For Substation applications, position one end of the Line Guard approximately 5 feet outside the vertical perimeter of the substation fence. For other installations, position one end of the Line Guard approximately 2 feet from the power pole or vertical structure (i.e., building). DO NOT TOUCH LIVE TERMINALS or CONDUCTORS. Wear appropriate safety gloves.

Installation defects are specifically not covered under the company warranty and are the responsibility of the installer. The company’s liability for any damaged or defective product is limited to the value of the product sale only. No consequential or incidental claims will be accepted, including claims of improper installation or damage caused by improper installation. If in doubt, contact a qualified power line technician.

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