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water being poured into cup

Blackouts Can Affect Your Water Supply Too

When the Power Fails Blackouts are an unpredictable and unfortunate event in modern existence. Whether it lasts for three minutes or three days, a ...
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aging power pole

Standing Up to the Elements

Whether you notice them or not, utility poles are an omnipresent feature in the backdrop of our modern world. Though some say they can be an eyesor...
playing chess during blackout

Fun Activities to Do During a Blackout

Today’s activities often revolve around TV, computer, and other electronic use, but when there’s a power outage due to squirrel-related utility dam...
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Limit Energy Use During a Blackout

A blackout can happen when least expected. Power outages are frequent and aren't just a byproduct of storms. Critters, especially squirrels, are a ...
frayed cable on fire

Be Careful of Fire During Power Outages

When the power goes out, the risk of fire goes up unless you know for sure that your own building's electrical lines and connections are not causin...
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squirrel climbing tree with acorn in mouth

An Unexpected Source of Home and Roof Damage

With their bushy tails and cute, furry faces, you may not think of squirrels as annoying pests. Unfortunately, when it comes to your roof, squirrel...
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Remember Carbon Monoxide Safety When Using Generators During Power Outages

Portable backup generators are a great way to access power in the event of an outage, like when squirrels and rodents damage essential electrical e...
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field with power pole

Protect Electric Equipment from Critters Using Pole Guards

​ Many power lines in the United States are above ground, strung between utility poles that keep the lines at a safe, yet accessible, distance from...
city skyline at night

Take Preventive Measures Against Power Outages in Commercial Business

When the power goes out in a business, everything is put on hold: the work stops, the business closes, or everyone sits waiting to resume productio...
tree with yellow leaves next to building

Tips for Power Companies to Tame Blackouts

Power outages become a severe inconvenience to power utility firms because they affect entire operations. Blackouts in various regions can last sev...
squirrel eating acorn

Fines and Protective Laws for Critters – Rodents Have Rights Too!

Did you know that a squirrel lurking in the rafters of your house may be protected by law? In some states, squirrels are illegal to house or keep a...
end of cable

Protect Fiber Optic Cables for Your Everyday Life

If you have ever used the internet (clearly yes, if you’re reading this blog post!), watched cable television, or used a landline telephone, you ha...