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The Critter Guard Story

In the fall of 2001, the inventor of the Critter Guard products observed that squirrels were using the overhead electrical service entrance cable to access a family member's roof and attic. The squirrels had caused more than $6,500 in damages. Later, they were informed that insurance did not cover damage caused by rodents. They also discovered that squirrels and other rodents and pests not only cause residential damage, but they are the second leading cause of power outages in the US. In response to this need, Critter Guard, Inc., was created, offering the Line Guard and Pole Guard products to utility companies and local co-ops. 

In late 2016, MAJRS Holdings, LLC executed an asset purchase agreement with company owners and took over operations. Under the ownership of John Sims, the new company operates as Critter Guard, keeping the brand identity and product design intact. Under John Sims’ leadership as President and Owner, the company has expanded its product lines and broadened its offerings to protect critical infrastructure from additional animals including rats, snakes, monkeys, sloths, raccoons, birds, and more. We serve our customers from our corporate office in Mulvane, KS and fulfillment center in Missouri. 

From our humble beginnings in central Missouri, Critter Guard now is the animal prevention standard of choice for thousands of homeowners, business owners, pest control companies, and many investor-owned utilities, municipal utilities, and rural electric cooperatives. Critter Guard products are precision engineered and produced in state-of-the art plastic injection molding operations with the highest attention to quality, consistency, and customer service. Feedback from our utility customers led us to various improvements over the years. But one thing is consistent -- NO ACCESS for critters!

Critter Guard’s Humane Wildlife Control Supplies

Our primary pest control products are the Line Guard, Pole Guard, and BirdBloc. Each are designed with the utility company, business owner, homeowner, and preservation of wildlife in mind. The focus of our products is to deter and prevent squirrels, birds, and other animals from gaining access to power substations, businesses, and homes via power lines and utility poles where they inflict damage and cause costly power outages.

Critter Guard added an e-commerce shop where customers and distributors can purchase Line Guard, Pole Guard, BirdBloc, and related accessories with the click of a button. We've opened up markets across the U.S., in Canada, Australia, Central & South America, and across Asia Pacific. Our online store has no order minimum for domestic orders with instant purchase and shipping options. Additionally, for international customers, we have an online quote form which allows us to accommodate even the trickiest of shipping and export challenges. 

What began as a humble solution to an annoying squirrel problem has developed into an international business. Critter Guard products are helping customers around the world prevent costly equipment damage and power outages. 

View Our Pest Control Products Available for Purchase Via Our Online Store

line guard shown on overhead powerlines

Line Guard

Line Guard is designed to prevent squirrels and other wildlife from traveling across overhead telecommunication and power lines, inhibiting them from accessing important electrical equipment and building roofs. To learn more about our Line Guard product, view our Line Guard page!

pole guard shown on wooden power utility pole

Pole Guard

Designed to fit around utility poles, Pole Guard helps to prevent climbing critters such as rodents and snakes from gaining access to pole-mounted equipment and overhead lines. For more information about our Pole Guard product, check out our Pole Guard page!

birdbloc product shown in block form


BirdBloc is an ingenious scent-based repellent designed to deter birds from roosting, perching, and nesting around substations, warehouses and commercial buildings, critical equipment, and other areas where BirdBloc is deployed. To learn more about BirdBloc, visit our BirdBloc page!

Types of Animals Deterred by Critter Guard

Our humane wildlife control supplies have been adapted to prevent various critters from interfering with critical electrical equipment, as well as from accessing business owners’ and homeowners’ roofs. The following are just a few animals Critter Guard has successfully deterred with our Line Guard, Pole Guard, and BirdBloc products.

  • Squirrels
  • Rats, Mice, and other Rodents
  • Snakes
  • Birds
  • Opossums
  • Raccoons
  • Monkeys
  • Sloths

To view our wildlife control supplies in action preventing sloth electrocutions, deterring birds from substations, and keeping squirrels out of attics, visit our Case Studies page.

types of animals critter guard products are used for

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Whether you're a homeowner or business owner trying to solve a frustrating squirrel or roof rat problem, or a utility who knows an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, our humane pest control products are made for you. To purchase or learn more about our wildlife control supplies, check out our Online Store!

Content Written by John Sims