Humane Pest and Wildlife Control Products by Critter Guard

Are you in the Pest Control business? Critter Guard products can be a valuable and affordable tool in your set of solutions to offer to your client base.

Squirrels Rack Up Considerable Damages to Homes

Squirrel damage to a roof is no small matter. These pesky critters are relentless in their quest for something to chew, and they can often be found wreaking havoc on roof flashing, vents, soffit boards, fascia boards, and especially wood shake shingles. If they find a warm place to nest, the problem just gets compounded.

Prevent Access to Overhead Power Lines and Utility Poles with Critter Guard

Critter Guard is not a pest removal firm - we focus on preventing access. Our Line Guard and Pole Guard systems prevent most any crawling animal from using either the power pole and/or the overhead power or telecommunications lines from getting access to your customer’s roof. Additionally, our BirdBloc product prevents bird-related damage by deterring birds from nesting and roosting on or near your customer’s property.

So, once you’ve cleared your customer’s grounds of the pesky critters, why not make a more robust solution by installing Line Guard, Pole Guard, or BirdBloc as added insurance that will cause the critters to move to a different neighborhood!

Critter Guard Can Be Used for Numerous Types of Pests

The Critter Guard products were originally designed for squirrel mitigation. However, since that time Critter Guard products have been adapted and used to prevent multiple critters from accessing critical equipment and homeowners’ roofs. The following are just a few animals deterred successfully with Critter Guard products:

protect power lines and poles from squirrels


protect power lines and poles from opossums


protect power lines and poles from birds of prey

Birds of Prey

protect power lines and poles from snakes


protect power lines and poles from raccoons


protect power lines and poles from flocks of birds

Flocks of Smaller Birds

protect power lines and poles from rats


protect power lines and poles from sloths


protect power lines and poles from other rodents

Other Rodents

What Homeowners and Pest Control Companies are Saying About Critter Guard

“This is a superior product. I run a pest control company, and we do a large amount of rodent exclusion. The line guard allows us to eliminate rodents from getting onto roofs via the power lines. And the product is simple and easy to install. Whether you are a professional or a DIYer, use line guards.”

- Joshua Adams

"I am writing to let you know that your Critter Guard product works not only with squirrels, but also with rats. As I explained on the telephone, my home had a big problem with rats entering the house via the power line drop. I installed your guard one week ago, and on the first night, I observed 2 rats coming down the line. When they came within a foot of the guard they stopped, looked at it, and retreated up the line, and we have been rat free ever since. So please feel free to use my name on any of your future promotions as I am a satisfied customer."

- W.T. FOLEY Homeowner Miami, Florida

Add Critter Guard to Your Pest Control Arsenal

We work many different pest control firms all the way from New Hampshire to California, and Michigan to Texas. We have feedback from various pest control firms who have created satisfied customers by installing Line Guard, Pole Guard, and BirdBloc products.

Contact Critter Guard today to learn how your business increase customer satisfaction and boost revenue by becoming an authorized reseller and installer of our products.

Content Written by John Sims