Line Guard - Designed to Protect Power Lines from Squirrels and Other Critters

Line Guard: Designed to Protect Your Overhead Lines

At Critter Guard, we understand the importance of keeping your electric powerlines and transformers protected. Due to the high frequency of power outages caused by squirrels, rats, and other animals across the world, it is essential to have a high quality and versatile product that deters squirrels and other animals from gaining access to the powerlines and transformers in the first place.

Line Guard prevents squirrels from running across overhead lines to access substations, transformers, pole mounted switches, and other critical equipment. Two free-spinning wheels act as a jump barrier on both ends of the assembly and five rollers spin independently about the line should the initial barrier be cleared from either side. Line Guard keeps squirrels out at key points of entry vs. the costly alternative of covering all the equipment up, which then creates additional work for maintenance crews. The patented Line Guard components are injection molded of heavy-duty polypropylene that is impervious to sharp critter claws, with UV protection and stabilizers to maintain color quality and making it highly resistant to environmental stress cracking.

Line Guard Features

jump barrier to block animals

Jump Barrier

The outside diameter of the jump barrier wheel is 12 inches and fits cable bundles up to 3” in diameter. A stainless-steel conductor clamp and stainless-steel cable ties firmly secures the L-brackets mounted on each end of the assembly to the conductor, keeping the entire system from sliding on the overhead line. The wheel design encourages critters to crawl over it, and as soon as they do, the wheel rotates and they lose their balance. Further attempts by determined critters cause them to try to jump the wheel, where they then land on one of the line rollers and spin off.

line rollers to keep animals from traversing power lines

Line Rollers

Five rollers rotate independently about the line when a critter comes in contact. Each roller is 12” in length, and they come as two halves for an easy snap together fit. The Line Guard assembly is five feet in length when fully assembled. The Line Rollers act as an additional deterrent to ensure that squirrels and other rodents cannot jump or crawl across the line to gain access to critical electronic equipment, keeping your electric, telecom, and/or cable infrastructure protected.

Serving International Markets with Animal Mitigation

Animal-related power outages are not limited to just squirrels, rats, and other rodents that are common in the United States. Critter Guard realizes that many different animals such as snakes, sloths, and even monkeys across the world who similarly cause damage to the power lines and transformers, which need the same high-quality protection. We designed the Line Guard to protect power lines and transformers against many animal types, and, if you are curious about learning more about how the Line Guard would work in your country, then feel free to contact us today!

View Critter Guard's Line Guard in Action

Scroll through the following Line Guard images and click any photo to see a closer view. Note that we have unique applications for Critter Guard Line Guard protecting overhead power lines, guy wires, electric substations, access to homes/businesses, and more.

line guard by critter guard
line guard protecting overhead lines leading into power substation
close up of power line guards
line guard shown on guy wires
squirrel guard for power lines
utlity pole and power lines protected by Critter Guard
powerline animal guards
protect power lines going into electrical substation

Lasting Powerline and Transformer Protection

Protecting electric, telecom, and cable infrastructure from animal-related outages is our number one priority. The Line Guard and Pole Guard are designed to humanely deter squirrels, rodents, and other animals from causing significant outages in your home, business, or area. If you work with electric power, cable television, or data communications industry and have technical or commercial questions, feel free to contact us today to learn how we can help you prevent major outages in your area.

Content Written by John Sims

Line Guard
critter guard line guard shown on power lines
line guard kit with installation instructions

Line Guard

From $140.00
Line Guard for Triplex
line guard for triplex power lines
close-up of triplex cable bundle with line guard

Line Guard for Triplex

From $175.00
Additional Rollers
five additional rollers for critter guard products
end view of additional roller for critter guard products

Additional Rollers

From $70.00
Additional Line Guard Wheels
line guard additional wheels
line guard wheel

Additional Line Guard Wheels

Line Guard L-Bracket Kit
line guard l bracket kit
line guard fastener kit

Line Guard L-Bracket Kit

Bulk Stainless Steel Cable Ties
stainless steal cable ties for critter guard products

Bulk Stainless Steel Cable Ties