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Our Line Guard helps to protect power lines from squirrels and other critters. If you have ever had a power outage because of a squirrel gaining access to critical equipment, you’ll understand the importance of our product. Many small animals climb on power lines to get from one place to another. The issue is that these small animals can cause power outage within your home, damage to your roof, attic, or soffits, or cause power outages across a utility system or substation.

Additionally, our line guard product can also protect damages to critical conductors and wire/cable used by telecom companies and cable TV companies. The main benefit of purchasing our Line Guard system is that your overhead lines will be protected from squirrels and other critters ever reaching critical equipment, or your house/roof/solar panels, etc. Keeping your overhead lines protected, the power on and working properly is our main goal.

Our Line Guard protects thousands of customers across the United States and around the world from typical animals including squirrels, possums, raccoons, snakes, and rats. Additionally, our products are also used outside of the U.S. to prevent animals Americans don't see many of like sloths, and even monkeys who can also cause power outages and other damages to critical infrastructures.  Because the Line Guard moves/spins with the animals weight once the animal contacts a roller, they can't get past the system and move on.  Critter Guard can keep your power lines and telecommunication equipment safe and humanely deter each animal.

The Line Guard pack includes 5 rollers, 2 wheels, 2 “L” brackets, 6 stainless-steel ties, and 2 conductor clamps. Installation instructions are included to complete the Line Guard pack. We highly suggest hiring a professional power line technician to install the Line Guard.

A Line Guard kit is for ONE overhead line (regardless of whether it is a powerline conductor, cable TV line, telephone line, or fiber/data cable bundle).  Please order the appropriate quantity of Line Guards to match the overhead lines you're protecting. We also offer a 4-pack for those needing 4 Line Guard packs at once.


Line Guard Options

Option for a 4 Pack:

Each Line Guard kit is individually packaged.  However, in many utility applications with 3 phase power, there are 3 conductors and 1 ground wire where Line Guard is to be installed.  For convenience, we offer the LG201-4pk, which includes 4 individually packaged kits in 1 box, rather than a separate box for each kit.

Option for HLC (HotLine Clamps):

Critter Guard's HotLine Clamps (HLC) fastener option is specially suited for securing Critter Guard's Line Guard kit to powered overhead power lines. All overhead lines have a "droop." As a result, it is important to secure the Line Guard assembly to the conductor, so it doesn't slide apart due to gravity.

The HLC is a C-clamp made of solid aluminum with a flat, smooth face so it doesn't interfere with the free spinning of the rollers or wheel of the Line Guard kit. It is 7/8" wide, with a clamping range suitable for conductor sizes from 2/0 (two-aught) through 556.

It can be tightened using the 7/16" diameter eye bolt with a hot stick or other appropriate approved tool for powered lines.

The HLC is 100% made in USA.


Line Guard Installation

Installation is easy and takes about 15 minutes per conductor. Critter Guard recommends only experienced linemen install the system.

Watch our Line Guard Installation Video and Download Instructions

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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
John Papadopoulis
Stops them in their tracks

Ninja Warrior for possums except it is rigged and they can never get across.

Thanks John! Nice to hear from our friends at Adapt in the 'land down under'. We appreciate your efforts in working with Critter Guard throughout Australia and New Zealand!

Maria Haws
Still waiting

Shipping time is slow, still haven't received this.

Dear Maria,
We are sorry this shipment took so long to get to you. This package was shipped (by USPS) the next day after your order. USPS advertisement for this shipment was 6 - 10 days. The tracking shows you received this package on Jul 2, which is 3 weeks later. In researching with the post office, it sat somewhere in California from June 13 - Jul 1. We can't get an answer as to why the delay.

The good news is that your product was finally found and delivered to you. We hope you enjoy the protection that Line Guard provides, and appreciate your business! Let us know if you have any other questions.


Squirrels would get on our roof, but I installed CRITTER GUARD and now I can’t wait to watch the squirrels try to get onto our roof. I think CRITTER GUARD is the best product since ice cream….

Thanks for this William! Nice to hear from you and glad you enjoy Line Guard for Triplex. Don't forget to send us a short video if you can!

Works great!

Noticed an issue with red squirrels following the power line to my house to get onto my roof. Picked up a set of critter guards, and attached them to the line. The effect was immediate, they couldn't get past the spinning rollers, and it provided a few hours of decent entertainment as they tried repeatedly. They've now given up, and I can rest a little easier knowing they no longer have easy access. Thank you!

Hi Francis,
Thanks so much for the 5 star review! Glad you had success. And yes, it's fun watching them get frustrated!
We'd love it, and I know visitors to this site love it, when customers send in their cell phone pics or videos of the critters getting frustrated. Would very much appreciate if you have anything you can share!

Stopping squirrels from entering my house

I installed a set on my 220v line leading to the house. With in one day it stopped a squirrel. They have been up for a few weeks and not one animal has made it up to the house. Work as advertised.

Hi Martin, Sorry for the late reply. Glad you had success!
We have a theory.... once a squirrel gets 'defeated' by Line Guard, they have this secret messaging system to tell all the other squirrels 'don't go that way'!
Thanks again!

No more squirrel problems!!

The critter guard was easy to install by my handyman.
We laughed and delighted in the vision of the squirrels "using it".
Fortunately, it seems to have done the job. No more squirrels eating away at my house siding.
And, I love the sleek, "out of this world" design.
I highly recommend this product.

Thanks Betsy! Glad you had success!

Noemi Walencewicz
100% satisfaction

I purchased a home with roof solar panels and the squirrels used to love to play, nest and used the panels as protection. I work for a utility company and understand the damage squirrels can cause to power lines. I purchased the guards with the recommendation of some linemen and I have to save it has saved me. I used to be woken up at all hours to their annoyance on the roof. I haven’t had any loss in solar production. These guards truly were a life saver to my quality of sleep. I HIGHLY recommend them.

Hi Noemi,
Thanks for your review! Line Guard was invented specifically to prevent these annoying pests from damaging roofs. We're glad you're happy!

Quick and easy

Seems to be working. Easy assembly and was able to consolidate two coax cables coming from the pole to the house.

Glad to hear it, David! Thanks!

Very effective, easy to install

The power line was the only way the squirrels could get onto my roof and then into my attic. The power company would not help. I installed Critter Guard and pointed a video camera at it. I have seen multiple attempts by squirrels to cross it and they have all failed. All is quite in my attic now.

Michael, thanks so much for this review. We have a lot of power companies who are customers, but clearly not all of them are! Glad you had success. Would you be willing to share your videos? We always love these!

Check with your electricity supplier first

I bought the critterguard and it is a good piece of equipment. The PROBLEM is the local membership electricity would not allow me to install it on the line to the house. So what good is it?

That's a shame. BUT -- don't give up yet. Because if you do you that still won't solve your problem.

So here's what we recommend: Call them back and ask to speak to someone in DISTRIBUTION (that's the group that takes care of residential overhead lines). If the Cust. Service rep asks why, tell them you have technical questions about the overhead lines. Ideally you want to speak to someone in operations or maintenance. Tell them what you're trying to do and give them the website of Critter Guard and the EVIDENCE of other utilities throughout the US and globally using the product (going on 20 years now). We have lots of photos and install videos online you can point them to. If they still tell you no, you could try other contractor types - such as tree trimmers or DIY handymen. It's not hard or unsafe to install, but you want someone who can get up there and get access to the line without falling or pulling it down. Anybody with a 'bucket truck' (lift truck) is ideal, and we have thousands of customers who found a way.

If you get a 'real person' at the utility who seems 'on the fence', we're happy to speak with them on your behalf.

Good luck!

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Line Guard Product Specifications

U.V. Resistance AdditiveYesYes
Manufacturing ProcessMold InjectionMold Injection
ColorUtility GrayUtility Gray
Specific Gravity0.9050.905
Tensile Strength3000 psi3000 psi
Dielectric Strength660V/mil (52.3 KV)660V/mil (52.3 KV)
Arc Resistance160160
Decomposition Temp650°F650°F
Dimensions4" x 12" x .08"12" x 3" ID x 0.125"
Volume91.8 cc79.5 cc
Weight w/ 1/2" ice140.4g180g
Wind Loads20720 N
Wind Loads w/ 1/2" ice348 N203 N

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