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Our Line Guard helps to protect power lines from squirrels and other critters. If you have ever had a power outage because of a squirrel gaining access to critical equipment, you’ll understand the importance of our product. Many small animals climb on power lines to get from one place to another. The issue is that these small animals can cause power outage within your home, damage to your roof, attic, or soffits, or cause power outages across a utility system or substation.

Additionally, our line guard product can also protect damages to critical conductors and wire/cable used by telecom companies and cable TV companies. The main benefit of purchasing our Line Guard system is that your overhead lines will be protected from squirrels and other critters ever reaching critical equipment, or your house/roof/solar panels, etc. Keeping your overhead lines protected, the power on and working properly is our main goal.

Our Line Guard protects thousands of customers across the United States and around the world from typical animals including squirrels, possums, raccoons, snakes, and rats. Additionally, our products are also used outside of the U.S. to prevent animals Americans don't see many of like sloths, and even monkeys who can also cause power outages and other damages to critical infrastructures.  Because the Line Guard moves/spins with the animals weight once the animal contacts a roller, they can't get past the system and move on.  Critter Guard can keep your power lines and telecommunication equipment safe and humanely deter each animal.

The Line Guard pack includes 5 rollers, 2 wheels, 2 “L” brackets, 6 stainless-steel ties, and 2 conductor clamps. Installation instructions are included to complete the Line Guard pack. We highly suggest hiring a professional power line technician to install the Line Guard.

A Line Guard kit is for ONE overhead line (regardless of whether it is a powerline conductor, cable TV line, telephone line, or fiber/data cable bundle).  Please order the appropriate quantity of Line Guards to match the overhead lines you're protecting. We also offer a 4-pack for those needing 4 Line Guard packs at once.


Line Guard Options

Options for a 4 Pack:

Each Line Guard kit is individually packaged.  However, in many utility applications with 3 phase power, there are 3 conductors and 1 ground wire where Line Guard is to be installed.  For convenience, we offer the LG201-4pk, which includes 4 individually packaged kits in 1 box, rather than a separate box for each kit.

Options for No Fasteners:

The No Fastener option allows the utility to purchase only the primary roller and wheel components and then use their own in-house clamps/fasteners.  This is useful for Live Line (or Hot Line) installations where the line clamps are supplied in-house.


Line Guard Installation

Watch our Line Guard Installation Video and Download Instructions

To start with installation, you will need to attach one of the “L” brackets to the lowest part of the power line, making sure to use the stainless-steel ties and a conductor clamp to secure the bracket. Next, the rollers will be snapped together over the conductor or wire/cable and placed on the line, making sure that each roller spins freely. Keep in mind, that if you have a larger power line such as triplex, you might need to trim the back the roller ends prior to assembly to fit correctly. The 12" diameter wheels are placed on each end of the power line to act as a jump barrier. Together, the freely spinning wheels and rollers, help to deter squirrels and other critters from reaching your connected equipment such as transformers, switches, reclosers, etc.  If you are a homeowner or business owner, Line Guard will keep these crawling animals off your roof and out of your attic. To see a visual of the installation process, including instructions on using Line Guard for Triplex, watch our Line Guard Installation Video.

For overhead power line applications, Critter Guard recommends this product be installed by qualified power line technicians. This is not absolutely required, but is good practice. It is not required to de-power the line. Assure the conductor is properly insulated and not showing signs of wear or degradation. For Substation applications, position one end of the Line Guard approximately 5 feet outside the vertical perimeter of the substation fence. For other installations, position one end of the Line Guard approximately 2 feet from the power pole or vertical structure (i.e., building). DO NOT TOUCH LIVE TERMINALS or CONDUCTORS. Wear appropriate safety gloves.

Installation defects are specifically not covered under the company warranty and are the responsibility of the installer. The company’s liability for any damaged or defective product is limited to the value of the product sale only. No consequential or incidental claims will be accepted, including claims of improper installation or damage caused by improper installation. If in doubt, contact a qualified power line technician.

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Line Guard Product Specifications

U.V. Resistance AdditiveYesYesYes
Manufacturing ProcessMold InjectionMold InjectionMold Injection
ColorUtility GrayUtility GrayUtility Gray
Specific Gravity0.9050.9050.905
Tensile Strength3000 psi3000 psi3000 psi
Dielectric Strength660V/mil (52.3 KV)660V/mil (52.3 KV)660V/mil (52.3 KV)
Arc Resistance160160160
Decomposition Temp650°F650°F650°F
Dimensions4" x 12" x .08"12" x 3" ID x 0.125"2" x 2" x 1/4"
Volume91.8 cc79.5 cc4.6 cc
Weight w/ 1/2" ice140.4g180g6.4g
Wind Loads20720 NN
Wind Loads w/ 1/2" ice348 N203 N12 N

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