John Sims

President and Owner at Critter Guard

John Sims' Background

John Sims’ career spans over 4 decades of technical product development and integration of best manufacturing practices in the energy and process industries. John received a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Missouri and has worked as a practicing engineer in the process industry including plant design, combustion engineering, industrial automation, and test and measurement.

John spent his formative engineering years with Bendix/AlliedSignal as a Staff Engineer in Materials and Process Engineering, and was certified in Motorola’s Six Sigma curriculum, and in later years with Malcolm Baldrige’s Total Quality Management System and Hewlett Packard’s Strategic Selling program.

John has built, led, and managed multiple sales and service organizations, both in the US and internationally. He has had P&L responsibility for organizations in the USA, UK, Europe, and China. During his time in Europe, he was directly responsible for the largest plant construction projects in his employer’s history including South African Breweries and British Steel. Many of these projects included power distribution, management, and maintenance practices for the multi-national companies.

John Sims Headshot - President and Owner at Critter Guard

John has led multiple new product development ventures to commercial success for various employers including: 

  • High Speed Hybrid Battery EV Pack Cycle Tester
  • Simulation/Forecasting Software to Predict Flow in 2 Phase Gas/Slurry Oil Pipelines
  • Lead Acid Battery Breaking and Recycling System
  • Ultra Low NOX Packaged Burner without need of FGR

He has lived and worked in various locations in sales, management, and engineering roles including 3 years as an ex-patriot in Europe. He has traveled extensively in China, India, South Africa, Brazil, Mexico, and Eastern Europe.

John Sims' Involvement with Critter Guard

In 2016, John’s company (MAJRS Holdings, LLC) purchased Critter Guard, Inc. from the original owners who wanted to retire. The company immediately invested in significant upgrades to tooling and manufacturing capability and improved the customer service experience. The company is proud to claim some of the largest public utilities as long term, repeat customers including Duke Energy, AEP, Ameren, Entergy, First Energy, and many others. He is a regular contributor in various transmission and distribution publications and conducted online technical forums in the animal mitigation and utility markets.

As an engineer who has owned and renovated multiple homes, he is keenly aware of the damage squirrels and other animals can do to electrical power systems. Critter Guard is a reliable, cost-effective solution for both homeowners and industry alike.

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