Case Studies of Critter Guard’s Pest Control Products

Since our inception, we have worked continuously to improve and adapt our pest control products at Critter Guard. While our Line Guard and Pole Guard products were originally designed for squirrel mitigation, our pest control products are now used to successfully prevent various wildlife from accessing critical equipment all around the world!

Line Guard, Pole Guard, BirdBloc Case Studies

Read through the following case studies to discover just a few of the animals for which our pest control products have been successfully used.

deterring birds at stillwater electric substation with birdbloc

Stillwater Electric – Protecting a Power Substation

At Stillwater Electric in Stillwater, Oklahoma, BirdBloc was installed to prevent birds from nesting within the substation, eliminating the “food supply” (in the form of bird eggs) for raccoons and opossums in the area. To learn more about how BirdBloc effectively repelled birds from roosting, nesting, and perching around the substation, view the Stillwater case study.

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using critter guard's line guard to prevent sloth electrocutions

ESPH – Preventing Sloth Electrocutions

To help protect sloths and prevent power outages in Heredia, Costa Rica, ESPH (Electrical Power Public Services for Heredia) tested Critter Guard’s Line Guard on a test overhead line. To see how our Line Guard product was effective in preventing sloths from accessing overhead power lines, check out the ESPH case study.

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bird repellent for mallard ducks

Grand Forks – Deterring Birds at a Country Club

At Grand Forks Country Club in Grand Forks, North Dakota, a test was conducted to examine the effectiveness of BirdBloc in deterring geese from grazing and nesting in the area. To review the results of this BirdBloc test, read through the Grand Forks case study.

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using pole guard to prevent access to utility pole

Michael Bell – Blocking Squirrels’ Access to Homeowner’s Attic

After discovering twelve squirrels in his attic, Michael Bell had Critter Guard’s Pole Guard product installed on each of the wooden utility poles with power lines leading to his apartment. Check out this case study to discover how Pole Guard permanently solved Mr. Bell’s squirrel problem.

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Our Pest Control Products

At Critter Guard, we strive to provide effective, humane wildlife control solutions to business owners, utilities, homeowners, and pest control companies around the globe. To purchase or learn more about the following pest control products featured in the case studies, check out our Online Store where our products can be purchased online!

line guard shown on power lines

Line Guard

With a jump barrier on each end and five independently spinning rollers, our Line Guard product is designed to prevent squirrels and other critters from traveling across overhead power lines and accessing rooftops and important electrical equipment. Line Guard can be installed on just about any overhead line including transmission lines, shielded and unshielded distribution lines, telephone lines, triplex cables, and more.

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pole guard shown on power utility pole

Pole Guard

Designed to provide 360-degree impassible protection, our Pole Guard product is an effective tool in preventing rodents and other wildlife from climbing utility poles and accessing critical electrical equipment. Pole Guard can be installed on wood, concrete, steel, and fiberglass utility poles, as well as some trees.

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birdbloc bird repellant in bloc form


Using a specially formulated scent, BirdBloc is designed to deter birds from roosting and nesting wherever BirdBloc is deployed in order to protect substations, warehouses, and other critical equipment. BirdBloc can be hung from tree limbs, rafters, supports, joists, and on most overhead equipment.

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