Squirrel Pole Guard to Prevent Attic Access to a Residential Home

Background – Squirrels’ Attic Intrusion

Michael Bell, from Kenosha, WI, discovered he had a pest control problem after hearing scratching, clawing, and squeaking noises coming from his attic. After investigating, he found not one, but twelve squirrels living in his attic!

Squirrels are a main cause (second only to weather) of utility power outages for both homeowners and public utilities. Excellent climbers and willing and able to chew or eat almost anything, squirrels can cause extensive damage to homes, commercial buildings, and electrical equipment. Definitely an unwelcome guest!

squirrel culprit

Evidence – How the Squirrels Gained Attic Access

During his investigation, Mr. Bell noticed the point of entry the squirrels had used to get into his attic. They had chewed a hole through the gutter apron (a long piece of aluminum flashing installed under the first course of shingles). Further inspection revealed two holes leading into his attic.

Solution – Installing Critter Guard’s Squirrel Pole Guard

Step 1

The first step to solving the problem was to have an exterminator trap the existing critters in his attic. Fortunately, the exterminator was successful in trapping all 12 squirrels!

Step 2

The second step was to repair the two holes in the attic. Mr. Bell repaired the holes using galvanized steel flashing instead of the lighter gauge aluminum. He also trimmed back some tree limbs and sprinkled mothballs around the attic area. 

Step 3

The last step was to assure these pesky rodents were properly prevented from gaining access the attic. Since squirrels can easily scale a power pole and then use the over-head power lines as a highway to gain access to his roof, Mr. Bell knew if he blocked their highway, they couldn’t return. In order to block the squirrels’ highway, Critter Guard’s Pole Guard product was installed on each of the three wooden power poles with power lines leading to his apartment, solving Mr. Bell’s problem permanently.  

capturing and removing squirrels in attic
capturing and removing squirrels in attic
pole guard installed on utility pole

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Content Written by John Sims