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Squirrel Guard for Power Lines, Transformers, and Utility Poles

Squirrels can be a real headache for utility companies, businesses, and homeowners alike. Not only are they the leading cause of non-weather-related power outages in the US, but squirrels also cause a significant amount of property damage. Luckily, our squirrel guard solutions at Critter Guard are designed to keep squirrels at bay and protect your property and electrical equipment.

Squirrel Line Guard

Squirrels often use overhead power lines to travel from place to place in search of food and shelter. Once on power lines, squirrels can cause damage to the electrical lines themselves or to the overhead equipment located on the pole by gnawing on the power lines or becoming a conductor by reaching from the power line to another energized object such as a transformer bushing or terminal. This not only causes damage to the electrical equipment, but it can also result in power disruption and the electrocution of the squirrel.

In addition, squirrels can use power lines to gain access to homes and businesses where they can cause damage to roofs, attics, siding, and electrical systems.

At Critter Guard, our squirrel guard for power lines product was originally designed specifically for squirrels in order to prevent them from traveling across power lines. With five independent rollers and two independently-rotating jump barriers, the squirrel guard for aerial cables is installed on the power line, humanely deterring squirrels from traveling across power lines and accessing roofs and electrical equipment.

Watch the video below to see our power line squirrel guard in action and how it helps prevent squirrels on power lines!

Customer Submitted Video of a Squirrel on Line Guard

Customer Reviews of Our Power Line Squirrel Guard

“The City purchased Line Guard specifically because we were having repeated problems with squirrels accessing the substation from the overhead lines. We've had no further occurrences since we installed Line Guard. I'd recommend Line Guard without hesitation.”
- Chris Lindholm Public Works Director, City of Lindholm, KS

“...Just for general information, we have been using these guards (Line Guard) for several years now and so far have had no incidents with squirrel contacts on any installations.”
- Al Nerino, Engineering Supervisor at Met-Ed (A FirstEnergy Corp operating unit)

“The Line Guard has completely solved our squirrel problem! Squirrels had been using our power line to access our roof and build nests under our solar panels. We tried other solutions (squirrel guard on the panels themselves, trapping and moving the squirrels) and were at our wits end. Our utility company was initially reluctant to put the Line Guard up, but the time spent to convince them was well worth it. We are absolutely delighted with your product!”
- Liz Mirabile

Squirrel Pole Guard

Squirrels are excellent climbers and can scale nearly any material providing enough traction for their claws to grip, making trees and utility poles exceptionally easy to navigate. By climbing up trees and utility poles, squirrels can easily find their way onto power lines and on roofs of homes and businesses. This often results in damage to property and electrical equipment, leading to higher repair costs and power disruptions.

Fortunately, our squirrel Pole Guard at Critter Guard is engineered to block squirrels from successfully climbing power utility poles to access power lines and roofs. A circular plate with seven rollers fitted around the perimeter, squirrel Pole Guard can be mounted on steel, wood, concrete, and fiberglass utility poles, as well as some small trees with specific diameter limitations. The Pole Guard humanely deters squirrels from accessing roofs and critical overhead electrical equipment.

Check out this video to see our power pole squirrel guard in action!

Customer Reviews of Our Power Pole Squirrel Guard

“We use both Line Guard and Pole Guard to prevent squirrel outages at our substations and other locations. The combination of Pole Guard preventing access up the pole, and Line Guard preventing any travel on the line, is an unbeatable combination. We use both steel and wooden poles, and Pole Guard works on both.”
- John Blalock, City of College Station, TX

“I usually ONLY get involved with problems that we have with our suppliers for Duke Energy. We simply dont have any issues with Critter Guard and thats a GOOD THING!”
- Aaron Symonds, Program Manager for Wesco (Duke Energy, FL)

Transformer Squirrel Guard

Once a squirrel has gained access to utility poles and power lines, they can quickly make their way into overhead transformers. Due to the fact that they are warm and out of reach of many predators, overhead transformers make the perfect place for squirrels to build their nests and store food. Unfortunately, this can lead to damage to the transformer, resulting in electrical faults, short circuits, power outages, and even fires.

At Critter Guard, our squirrel Line Guard and squirrel Pole Guard solutions work in tandem to effectively prevent squirrels from accessing overhead transformers. To learn more about our transformer squirrel guard products and how they help protect transformers and other overhead equipment, watch our quick explainer video!

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