Power Line Guard and Utility Pole Guards for Electrical Contractors

With wildlife as the second leading cause of power outages in the United States, Critter Guard’s pest control products can be a valuable and cost-effective tool to keep in your arsenal.

Protect Your Clients’ Electrical Systems

When it comes to their important electrical systems, businesses rely on their electrical contractors to make quality recommendations to protect their electrical assets. As an electrical contractor, you are likely aware of the damage animals can cause to your clients’ power lines, transformers, utility poles, and other electrical systems. To help protect your clients’ electrical systems, it’s important to employ quality pest control solutions.

There are numerous types of products offered to protect electrical equipment. However, many of these products are designed to cover or cage critical devices such as switches, insulators, transformers, etc. With various sizes, mounting options, and voltages, protecting multiple electrical devices this way can be complicated, time-consuming, and expensive.

At Critter Guard, our pest control products are designed to block critters’ access to electrical equipment, rather than just covering each device. This results in a simpler, more cost-effective solution for power line protection, transformer protection, and protection for various other electrical systems. Our products allow you to provide your client’s with proactive solutions and more peace of mind.

Watch the animated video below to learn how Critter Guard's line guard and pole guard products provide proactive protection that deter animals from critical equipment.

Utility Pole, Power Line Protection, and Transformer Protection

To better protect nearby utility poles, transformers, other overhead electrical equipment, and service lines coming to your client’s building, it is beneficial to stop critters from successfully climbing up utility poles and onto overhead lines. At Critter Guard, our power Line Guards and utility Pole Guards are designed for superior power line protection and transformer protection.

Protection for Indoor Electrical Systems

In addition to protecting outdoor electrical equipment, our pest control products can also help protect your clients’ indoor electrical systems. Squirrels, rats, and other animals often use nearby power lines to access roofs of commercial buildings and homes. Once there, these critters can quickly make their way inside where they can cause damage to indoor electrical wiring typically via gnawing or scratching critical wiring. Our Line Guard, Pole Guard, and BirdBloc products help to prevent critters from finding their way onto roofs and into your customers’ buildings.

Pest Control Products to Mitigate Your Client’s Animal Problem

Originally designed for squirrel mitigation, Critter Guard’s pest control products have since been adapted and used to prevent several types of critters from accessing critical electrical equipment. The following are just a few animals deterred successfully with Critter Guard’s products.

Add Critter Guard to Your Electrician Pest Control Supplies

If you’re an electrical contractor looking for solutions to better protect your clients’ electrical systems, Critter Guard can help! We provide discounted pricing for electrical contractors who prefer to purchase directly from Critter Guard at wholesale rates. Electrical contractors are welcome to resell the product to their commercial and utility clients.

Of course, you, and the general public, can also purchase directly from our e-commerce store at retail prices. To learn more about our pest control solutions and how you can become an authorized reseller and installer of our products, contact us today!

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Content Written by John Sims