BirdBloc - Bird Deterrent and Repellent for Birds of Prey and Flocking Birds

According to the e-Reliability Tracker Service from the American Public Power Association, birds are among the top five customer-weighted causes of sustained power outages across the United States. Squirrels are #1. Spring is the primary mating season for most bird species in North America. As a result, birds are quite active during this season looking for suitable nesting locations, making their homes, and raising their young.

Since you are reading this – you likely already know the damage birds can do and the cost, down-time, and nuisance it is to deal with the aftermath of an outage or equipment damage. Birds like the privacy and seclusion that certain electric power poles, substations, and rafters/gables of industrial buildings offer. By nesting in these places, birds create a myriad of problems. Whether it’s corrosion caused by droppings, a short circuit, or the fact that bird eggs (and young hatchlings) create a ready source of food for other predators, it’s a good idea to “encourage” the birds to find other habitats.

Critter Guard’s BirdBloc is here to help.

Protecting Power Lines, Transformers, and Substations from Birds

There are dozens of devices offered to protect critical utility equipment from birds. However, many of these take the form of a cover or cage that fits over the conductive device, insulator, bushing, switch, or transformer. This approach can get very complex (and expensive) if you’re dealing with large raptors such as osprey, eagles, owls, or similar with large wingspans. With the dizzying array of sizes, voltages, mounting options, and local installation conditions, a maintenance manager has a lot to keep track of in protecting the equipment.

Critter Guard took a different approach to bird deterrents. All birds have an exceptionally developed sense of smell, and our products capitalize on this unique characteristic. Critter Guard now offers the BD-135 bird management solution, called BirdBloc from Critter Guard. Any bird that smells the product will simply move away. Simply put, they absolutely hate the smell of the BirdBloc. 

We’ve developed the repelling smell so it’s long lasting (up to 3-4 months depending on formulation), and it won’t harm the birds or humans. Wherever BirdBloc is deployed, the scent lingers. Birds may initially investigate, but they won’t stay. It makes them uncomfortable and discourages them from wanting to nest or roost. As a result, your critical equipment, substations, warehouses, tools, and other “infested” or “at-risk” areas can be protected from birds congregating, perching, or just “hanging out.”

Additionally, utility maintenance teams are happy that they do not have to take some “cover” off, just to do their normal inspections and testing. Since BirdBloc can simply be hung from supports, rafters, joists, tree limbs, or on most overhead equipment, this is a much simpler and far more cost-effective solution than trying to individually cover every “at-risk” component.

BirdBloc in Bloc Formulation
BirdBloc in Pouch Formulation

Bird Deterrent Case Studies 

birds sitting on power lines

Stillwater Electric – Protecting a Power Substation

At Stillwater Electric in Stillwater, Oklahoma, BirdBloc was installed to prevent birds from nesting within the substation, eliminating the “food supply” (in the form of bird eggs) for raccoons and opossums in the area. To learn more about how BirdBloc effectively repelled birds from roosting, nesting, and perching around the substation, view the Stillwater case study.

View Stillwater Case Study
mallard ducks swimming in water

Grand Forks – Deterring Birds at a Country Club

At Grand Forks Country Club in Grand Forks, North Dakota, a test was conducted to examine the effectiveness of BirdBloc in deterring geese from grazing and nesting in the area. To review the results of this BirdBloc test, read through the Grand Forks case study.

View Grand Forks Case Study

Will Critter Guard’s Bird Deterrent, BirdBloc, Work for Your Bird Problem?

What’s YOUR Plan to Repel Birds and Prevent Bird Related Power Outages?

Many utilities and mission-critical facilities have written plans and strategies to guide their organizations to be proactive in managing and preventing bird related outages and damages. For over 20 years, Critter Guard has served the animal mitigation needs of various utilities and businesses across the country. From local municipalities and rural co-ops to large investor-owned utilities and distribution centers, we hear one familiar comment from our customers, “once we started using Critter Guard products, we have not had another animal related power outage at that site.”

At Critter Guard, we focus on prevention, not just protection. Our products train the animals and birds to go somewhere else. Ultimately, they get frustrated and move on.

If your utility has not deployed BirdBloc, it is time to give it a try. BirdBloc is effective in the following areas:

  • Power Plants
  • Substations
  • Distribution Warehouses
  • Power Poles
  • Airport Hangars
  • Maintenance Sheds
  • Parking Areas/Garages
  • Ground Application
BirdBloc Used at Power Substation

BirdBloc Formulation Options

BirdBloc comes in three different formulations with unique benefits and applications. Note that when you submit a quote request, our team will recommend the formulation that is most likely to resolve our issue.

Product FormMinimum Order QuantityDeploymentSuggested Coverage AreaEstimated Duration
2 oz. of granular product in small burlap bag
1 case
(total of 50 pouches)
Hanging – Rafters, tree limbs, building structures, etc.400 – 600 sq. ft.6-8 weeks
2 oz. of pressed product in green mesh bag
1 case
(total of 50 blocs)
Hanging – Rafters, tree limbs, building structures, etc.500 – 1,000 sq. ft.12-16 weeks
Granular Bulk
25 lb. bag
1 bag
(25 lb. bag)
Ground Application – Drop feeder/spreader2000 sq. ft. 6-8 weeks

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Content Written by John Sims