Pole Guard - Stop Squirrels from Accessing Power Lines via Utility Poles

Pole Guard: Transformer and Power Line Protection

Animal-related power outages are one of the most significant causes of power outages worldwide. When a squirrel or other critter gains access to pole-mounted equipment such as transformers or switches, they can chew, damage, or short the equipment which can cause significant outages and blackouts across the area.

With the above in mind, the Pole Guard prevents squirrels, rats, and other animals from gaining access to transformers and electric power lines, and ultimately causing significant damage to your home or power service area.

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Versatile Set Up

The Pole Guard is engineered to fit a 10 to 12-inch diameter pole. The plate is made of specially formulated resin designed exclusively for extreme outdoor applications. The mounting plate extends less than 10" from the pole, and the rollers attach to the plate and can be easily removed by utility linemen if necessary for access above the Pole Guard. Critter Guard now offers optional mounting hardware for concrete, steel, and fiberglass poles. Yes, some types of critters easily scale these other pole materials.

Hardened Material

The patented Pole Guard rollers are injection molded of heavy-duty polypropylene, highly resistant to environmental stress cracking, and UV protection to maintain color quality.

Four zinc-coated nails secure the plate, which acts to block access as well as to support seven rollers which mount to the plate, providing 360-degree impassible protection from squirrels and other small rodents. For poles of smaller diameter, P&C Flex conduit is provided as a gap filler between the plate and pole. Additionally, if necessary, the rollers can be easily removed and re-installed.

Long-Standing Product Reliability

Our Pole Guards have been protecting pole-mounted infrastructure service-free for over a decade. With years of testing and optimization serving markets both domestic and abroad the Pole Guard is guaranteed to help deter critters from causing outages in your area.

Critter Guard Pole Guard Available Internationally

At Critter Guard, we understand that different nations have different animals that can cause significant damage to their power lines and transformers. Critter Guard has shown to deter not just squirrels, rats, and other rodents, but also snakes, sloths, and monkeys from causing significant power outages and damage as well.

The Pole Guard is designed to stop critters of all variants from gaining access and causing significant damage, and we are proud to offer our services and products to the global market. Contact us today If you are interested in seeing how Critter Guard can help protect power lines in your area.

Lasting Powerline and Transformer Protection with Pole Guard

Safeguarding electric, telecom, and cable infrastructure from animal-related outages is our number one priority. Pole Guard, in addition to our complementary Line Guard product, is designed to humanely deter squirrels, rodents, and other animals from causing significant outages in your home, business, or area. If you work with electric power, cable television, or data communications industry and have technical or commercial questions about the pole guard, feel free to contact us today to learn how we can help you prevent major outages in your area.

Content Written by John Sims