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The Line Guard Wheel – also referred to as the Jump Barrier - is one of the most vital pieces in the Line Guard Pack because it helps deter crawling animals such as squirrels, monkeys, sloths, and others from getting past the Line Guard kit. This jump barrier wheel, which has an outside diameter of 12 inches, rotates or spins freely when the animal contacts it, making it difficult to jump or crawl over it onto the line. Because the wheel is a lattice/crosshatch design, the animal can see through it tempting the critter to attempt to crawl over it.  The weight of the animal causes the wheel to turn the animal upside down, which then forces it either to go back or, if they are really ambitious, to try to jump over it – onto a roller that will spin the animal off. The Line Guard wheels are sold as a set of two Line Guard Wheels – one on each end of the set of rollers. Most of our customers purchase the Line Guard Wheels separately when they need to replace their existing Line Guard Wheels. Other customers have purchased the Line Guard Wheels for other creative deterrent systems such as for use on 3" bushing on a pole mounted transformer.

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Additional Line Guard Wheels Installation

For overhead power line applications, Critter Guard recommends this product be installed by qualified power line technicians.  This is not absolutely required but is good practice.  It is not required to de-power the line. The wheel is fabricated with a "slit" allowing it to be placed on the line without any tools.  The inside diameter of the wheel is 3".  When installed adjacent to a Line Guard roller, the roller has specific tabs that lock the inside diameter of the wheel onto the roller so that the spin as one unit.  Assure the conductor is properly insulated and not showing signs of wear or degradation. For Substation applications, position one end of the Line Guard approximately 5 feet outside the vertical perimeter of the substation fence. For other installations, position one end of the Line Guard approximately 2 feet from the power pole or vertical structure (i.e., building). DO NOT TOUCH LIVE TERMINALS or CONDUCTORS. Wear appropriate safety gloves.

Installation defects are specifically not covered under the company warranty and are the responsibility of the installer. The company’s liability for any damaged or defective product is limited to the value of the product sale only. No consequential or incidental claims will be accepted, including claims of improper installation or damage caused by improper installation. If in doubt, contact a qualified power line technician.

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