What Is Critter Guard?

Did you know animal related power outages are one of the most common causes of power outages worldwide with about 13 million Americans losing power due to wildlife annually? Critter Guard is a US-based company that designs and manufactures products which help combat animal caused power outages. Critter Guard develops humane wildlife control products to help homeowners, businesses, utility companies, and other customers protect their power, property, and important electrical equipment from animal damage.

Critter Guard Explained

Critter Guard’s pest control products are designed to humanely prevent numerous types of animals from accessing and damaging important electrical equipment (such as power lines, utility poles, substations, and transformers), as well as accessing building roofs and attics via overhead power lines.

To learn more about how Critter Guard’s products work, check out the quick video below to see Critter Guard in action!

Critter Guard Products

Critter Guard offers superior power line, utility pole, and transformer protection with wildlife control products. Read below to learn more about Critter Guard’s Line Guard for power lines, Critter Guard’s Pole Guard, and their BirdBloc products.


Critter Guard Line Guard

Animals such as snakes, squirrels, and other rodents often use overhead power lines to get from place to place in search of food and shelter, damaging equipment and causing power outages in the process. With free-spinning wheels that act as jump barriers on each end and five independently-spinning rollers that critters cannot hang onto, Critter Guard’s Line Guard product prevents these animals from traversing power lines and other overhead electrical equipment.

Critter Guard Pole Guard

Animals will often climb up trees and utility poles to access and travel across power lines. Critter Guard’s Pole Guard product is designed to fit around wooden, steel, and concrete utility poles, as well as some trees, serving as a barrier that critters cannot surpass. This not only prevents power outages, but it also helps in improving the longevity of your utility poles.


Birds can wreak havoc on your property, potentially causing corrosion, short circuits, and damage to wooden utility poles and other structures. Critter Guard’s BirdBloc product capitalizes on birds’ developed sense of smell by emitting a repelling smell that deters birds from roosting or nesting wherever BirdBloc is deployed.

Who Critter Guard Serves

The wildlife control products at Critter Guard have been utilized by many different customers, including:

  • Utility and Power Distribution – Utilities around the globe have used Critter Guard’s products to protect equipment, reduce maintenance needs, and prevent outages for their customers.
  • Electrical Contractors – Electrical contractors use Critter Guard’s products to better protect their clients’ electrical systems.
  • Building Architects and Engineers – When designing new buildings or planning renovations, adding Critter Guard’s products to the building specs can help building architects and engineers protect their clients’ mission critical facilities from costly power outages and electrical damages.
  • Homeowners – Homeowners throughout the country have used Critter Guard’s Line Guard, Pole Guard, and BirdBloc products to prevent animals from damaging and gaining access to their roofs and attics.
  • Pest Control Companies – In order to offer effective pest control solutions to their client base, pest control companies have been known to add Critter Guard’s pest control products to their arsenal.
  • Wholesale Distributors – Critter Guard products are also available for wholesale distribution.

Critter Guard FAQ

Where can I buy Critter Guard?

Individuals and businesses located in the United States can purchase Critter Guard’s Line Guard, Pole Guard, and BirdBloc products, as well as related accessories, directly from their e-commerce store! International customers can purchase Critter Guard products by filling out an international quote request.

How is Critter Guard installed?

Critter Guard recommends their products be installed by a qualified power line technician. For those wanting to install Critter Guard’s products themselves, Critter Guard provides written installation instructions for the Line Guard and Pole Guard products, as well as videos demonstrating the installation process.

Does Critter Guard Protect Solar Panels?

Yes! Critter Guard’s products can help prevent animals from accessing roofs of homes and buildings, therefore protecting rooftop solar panels from critter damage.

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