3 Advantages of Fiber Optic Cables

As advancements within the telecommunications industry continue to grow, more and more business owners and homeowners are upgrading from the good old cable internet to fiber internet. Businesses demand a faster and secure network that can handle large capacity communication systems on day-to-day activities. Research shows that the fiber optic market is growing exponentially, and its annual compound rate could reach 8.5% by 2025.

Keep reading to discover a few advantages of fiber optic cables and how Critter Guard helps keep this technology protected.

1. Reliable

Internet lags and freezes can be very frustrating, especially when working from home or watching a new movie with your family. With fiber optic cables, you benefit from a more reliable internet connection, as fiber cables are often immune to fluctuating temperatures and severe weather and moisture.

2. Equal Upload and Download Speeds

When it comes to bandwidth, fiber is the best. Compared to copper cables of the same diameter, fiber optic cables provide a higher bandwidth to carry more data. Fiber optic cables also offer symmetrical bandwidth, enabling not only faster, but equal download and upload speeds.

3. Better Security

Along with more reliable connections and faster speeds, fiber optic cables also provide one of the most secure means of communication and can increase your company’s protection against cyber-attacks. While hackers can tap into cable internet with relative ease, the only way to infiltrate fiber optic internet is to physically cut the fiber cables, which will cause noticeable degradation in communications.

How Critter Guard Keeps Your Internet Connected

While fiber optic cables come with many advantages, they are often still prone to critter damage. Fiber installation has been hampered by critter interference where damages to cables and utility poles have resulted in Internet and power outages. Fortunately at Critter Guard, our Line Guard and Pole Guard products are designed to protect wires like fiber optics from critter interference. Preventing squirrels and other wildlife’s access to electrical systems and communication cables, our wildlife control products help keep your power and internet connected. To learn more about our products for your home or business, contact us today!