3 Common Nuisance Birds

While many birds can be a beautiful part of our environment, others are a major nuisance. A pest bird infestation can be just as problematic as a rodent, fly, or cockroach problem. Keep reading to learn three of the most prevalent types of nuisance birds and why they are classified as pests.

1. Starlings

Problems with starlings can be seen in both urban and rural locations since they are an invasive species. An adult starling can grow to a length of 8 inches and weigh 2.5 to 3.5 ounces. The flock size of starlings can reach into the thousands. They're not picky about where they nest or eat, and city nesting sites include exhaust vents, ledges, trees, and marquees.

Problems arise when starling flocks become too big, and the birds start making a lot of noise. The sheer amount of their accumulated feces can also be an issue. Starlings are notorious for spreading dangerous diseases like histoplasmosis.

2. Sparrows

While often referred to as house sparrows, they are members of the weaver finch family. They measure between 5 and 6 inches in length and weigh around one ounce. Sparrows make untidy nests from scraps of material.

Because of their high reproductive rate, sparrows can be challenging to manage. They are so violent that they regularly chase away more peaceful bird species. They pose a health risk when clustering in animal facilities like chicken and pig farms. They also pose a fire hazard when they build nests near power sources. Around 25 illnesses and ectoparasites have been linked to sparrows.

3. Pigeons

Pigeons reach adulthood at around a foot in length and 13 ounces in weight. Pigeons are the most prevalent kind of nuisance bird and generate the most severe health problems for the public. Pigeons often nest in tiny, flat, elevated locations, such as those provided by air conditioning units, pipes, ledges, and windowsills.

Pileups of pigeon excrement deface and damage buildings and other structures and create dangerous slipping conditions on public walkways and egress routes. Histoplasmosis is only one of several illnesses that pigeons spread.

Deter Nuisance Birds with Critter Guard

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