transformer protected from squirrels and other critters with critter guard

Power transformers play a key role in helping to distribute power to people across the globe. However, they face some unique risks, especially since they're exposed to the elements. Sometimes the forces of time and nature take their toll on transformers and can cause significant damage to these systems. Check out these three common threats to ground and overhead transformers.

1. Old Infrastructure

Most of the transformers in the United States are pretty old - the majority are nearing thirty years standing. That's a lot of old equipment that's prone to needing repair or replacement and sometimes, it can be difficult to get those transformers fixed.

2. The Evolution of Wind, Solar, and Distributed Power

Newer forms of power can be tricky to control and store. We're still learning about how to harness and use them as effectively as possible. Most of the grid technology we still rely on today was built with old power sources in mind. It revolves around single-source (and very large) power-generation plants that leverages a hub-and-spoke model of distribution. It's not always the most reliable process in modern times.

3. Squirrels

It's a tale as old as time. Squirrels are probably the threat to transformers that you're most familiar with - and there's a good reason why. Squirrels and other critters tend to get up to a lot of trouble when they have access to anything that has to do with power. Once a squirrel has gained access to utility poles and power lines, they can easily access transformers and even get inside of the equipment to make their nest and store food. As well as interfering with transformers directly, they can also wreak havoc by chewing on power lines, causing damage to transformers and disrupting power.

Keeping a close eye on a transformer can go a long way in preventing squirrel problems, but it's rarely a total solution. Other tiny critters may try to worm their way into your equipment, too.

Critter Guard Helps You Keep Your Power Going Strong

Fortunately, we at Critter Guard have found a way to help mitigate the risk squirrels and other critters pose to transformers and other electrical systems. Our Line Guard and Pole Guard products help to deter squirrels and other wildlife from accessing power lines and damaging transformers. To learn more about our humane wildlife control products and how they can keep your home, business, and power protected, contact us today!