3 Electrical Safety Tips for the Workplace

Every type of workplace benefits from proper electrical safety protocols. From construction sites with exposed wiring to seemingly innocuous settings like offices, electrical safety protocols can prevent injuries and save lives. Here are three simple safety tips for staying safe around electricity in the workplace.

1. Keep Electrical Cords Organized and Tidy

Safe electrical habits from home should also apply to the workplace:

  • Keep cables untangled
  • Organize wires with sleeves or zip ties
  • Don't overload power strips
  • Make sure power adapters have enough space to stay cool

2. Install Warning Signs in Precarious Areas

Warning signs can keep employees mentally present as to the dangers of certain spaces they enter. Electrical wiring in seemingly safe locations is still connected to high-voltage vaults and pull boxes that can set off fires if improperly maintained.

Even in a straightforward office layout, there will still be server rooms and other high power consumption areas that could be dangerous. Installing warning signs in these areas help keep people safe.

3. Only Qualified Personnel Should Work On Live Electrical Wires

The simple cable organization recommended above is as far as the average employee should go with electrical work. Frayed, exposed, or otherwise dangerous electrical cables, power supplies, or surge protectors should be handled by professionals only.

Even properly maintained and handled cables can become damaged due to accidental liquid exposure, or exposure to small animals. Many pests, such as squirrels and other rodents, are known to habitually chew on cables, which can turn safe workplaces into dangerous fire hazards without anyone noticing.

At Critter Guard, we specialize in preventing this exact situation. Our pest control products are designed to safely and humanely prevent the damage that wildlife can cause over time to electrical equipment. To learn more about our innovative, unique methods of keeping both customers and animals safe from electrical hazards, contact us today!