candle providing light during power outage

Whether you're working remotely or just have children to entertain, a power outage can quickly disrupt your life. Some problems that may arise are pretty obvious but you may not even think of other issues until you're faced with an immediate and unexpected power problem. Check out these tips to help keep you prepared during an outage.

1. Keep Your Refrigerator and Freezer Doors Closed

Sour milk, rotting meat, jars and jars of ruined condiments; the costs of a power outage can add up quickly! Do you have a separate, stand-alone freezer? Then your potential losses are magnified many times over! The best thing you can do is keep your freezer full. Use clean empty milk or juice jugs refilled 3/4 of the way with water (to allow room for expansion) to fill any empty spaces. Then, when your power goes out, keep those refrigerator and freezer doors closed!

The USDA has tips for keeping food cold during a power outage and has a chart to help you figure out what's safe to eat and what to discard afterward.

2. Use a Generator for Medical Supplies & Equipment

Some medicines are temperature sensitive and medical equipment like home oxygen concentrators and C-PAP machines require electricity to work. If you or a loved one's life depends on getting power to vital medical equipment, you may want to consider investing in a generator to keep things running. If you do get a generator, always practice carbon monoxide safety!

3. Invest in a Power Invertor to Keep Your Pets Comfortable

Many pets, especially those in aquariums and vivariums (like fish, reptiles, or amphibians) rely on electricity to live. Temperature-sensitive exotic birds, thick-coated chinchillas, and even your family dog can suffer when temperatures either rise or plunge. Invest in a power inverter and prepare for a power outage now so you can help keep your pets safe and comfortable when an outage happens.

Protect Your Power!

You may not have much control over lightning strikes, destructive winds, ice storms, or even rolling blackouts. However, there's one major cause of power outages that you can stop in its tracks! We're talking about those pesky squirrels, gnawing rodents, and other destructive critters that are responsible for so many power outages.

Fortunately, our Line Guard and Pole Guard products can put an end to the critter-induced power outages that can cause disruption to our daily lives. To learn more about our humane, wildlife control products and how they can help keep your power running, contact us today!