3 Types of Animals That Can Damage Your Solar Panels

Preventing animals from accessing and damaging your solar panels is possible with the use of preventive measures. These measures include regular inspections and using physical barriers such as Critter Guard's solutions. Such solutions can help to prevent animals from gaining access to your roof and climbing on or nesting under your solar panels.

Keep reading to discover the different types of animals that can cause damage to your solar panels in various ways.

1. Birds

Birds can cause extensive damage to solar panels. The warmth emitted by solar panels attracts birds and these animals will often perch or nest on or under the solar panels, which can cause scratches and cracks within the surface. Birds may also attract other animals as well, which can lead to even more bigger issues with your solar panels.

2. Rodents

Gnawing mammals such as rats, mice, and squirrels can chew through the wiring and connections of solar panels, causing them to malfunction. These animals may also build nests under the solar panels, which can interfere with the efficiency of the panel.

3. Raccoons, Monkeys, and Other Larger Mammals

Larger animals such as monkeys, raccoons, opossums, and more can cause damage to solar panels by climbing on them and potentially breaking the glass or scratching the surface.

Protect Your Solar Panels with Critter Guard's Wildlife Control Products

Critter Guard's wildlife control products are designed to prevent critters from accessing the roof through overhead power lines.

  • Line Guard is a physical barrier that blocks squirrels, rats, birds, and other rodents from accessing power lines.
  • Pole Guard is designed to be used on utility poles to prevent critters from climbing up to the power lines.
  • BirdBloc is a bird deterrent that is designed to keep birds from perching or nesting on or near your roof or other property. It can be used in conjunction with other wildlife control products to provide a comprehensive solution for preventing critters from accessing your roof and other structures.

If you are looking for a solution to help protect your solar panels, contact us at Critter Guard today to learn more about our range of humane wildlife control solutions!