3 Ways Raccoons Can Damage Your Property

Racoons are intelligent and adaptable creatures that thrive in many environments. They are increasingly becoming a menace with their growing numbers in urban areas. Racoons make their homes in piles of wood, hollow trees, or even live in unoccupied burrows made by foxes. However, these natural environments are scarce in urban areas, making them discover vacant spaces on the roof, chimneys, attics, and sheds. These areas offer superior protection from harsh external elements. Racoons can bring many diseases for you, your pets, and your family, so protecting against racoon entrance into your home is essential.

Racoons are messy and wreak havoc on your property, potentially causing the following damage:

1. Roof Damage

Female raccoons are most aggressive when looking for a nest, especially when about to give birth. During their search, they look for weak spots in your roof shingles. Once they find a place, they will rip off the shingles to gain access to your home. If the raccoon gains access to your attic and gives birth, your attic will be like a big litter area.

2. Insulation Damage

Raccoons can appear small, but the wild creatures weigh up to 30 pounds. If they live in the attic, they can step on and break the delicate insulation system, especially in homes with electrical wiring in the attic. The broken insulation system leads to higher electrical and heating bills, or even safety concerns with electrical wiring.

3. HVAC Damage

The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system is often located in a well-tucked place - exactly where raccoons love to live. Raccoons will tamper and break the pipes, leaving urine and droppings inside the HVAC system. The mess affects the HVAC system's functionality, ultimately reducing the air quality.

Keep Raccoons Out of Your Property with Critter Guard

Raccoons can use utility poles, trees, and power lines to access your roof or attic. At Critter Guard, we utilize humane pest control products that keep away raccoons and other home-invading pests. Our products are designed to allow you to enjoy the maximum benefit of living pest-free. To learn how our wildlife controls products can help keep raccoons away from your property, contact us at Critter Guard today!