3 Ways Squirrels Get On Your Roof

Squirrels may appear cute and harmless, but they can be a real nuisance. They can cause severe damage to properties and play host to several diseases that pose health threats to the public.

While squirrels can get into your home or building at the ground level, they often enter from a higher level. They jump from nearby wires, tree limbs, utility poles, or power lines onto the roof and then find their way to other parts of the house through the roof tiles, chimneys, or other existing gaps. The great news is that with the right products, you can humanely deter them from accessing your property.

How Do Squirrels Get On Your Roof?

Some typical ways through which squirrels can access your roof include:

1. Tree Limbs

Squirrels are excellent jumpers and climbers. They can scurry up trees near your house and use the hanging limbs to get onto the roof. These rodents can leap as far as eight yards from a tall tree. Ensure trees around your home are trimmed back to prevent the squirrels from jumping on your roof.

2. Wires and Electric Cables

Squirrels can access your roof through the wires running on or near your property. Fortunately, Critter Guard’s Line Guard product is designed to fit over the wires and cables to humanely prevent squirrels and other rodents from chewing the wires or accessing your roof.

3. Utility Poles

Naturally, squirrels like climbing trees and poles, and utility poles are no exception. They may scurry up the poles near your home, scamper across the wires or cables, and leap to your roof. Although these poles may not be safe bridges for these rodents to get to the house, the unsuspecting squirrels may use them and successfully reach the property. You can use Critter Guard’s Pole Guard and Line Guard products to deter them from climbing the poles and running across the power lines.

How Can Critter Guard Help?

Are you a business owner, a utility company, or a homeowner trying to deter pesky squirrels and other rodents from your property? Critter Guard has you covered. We have various humane pest and rodent control products to protect you and your property from damage. To learn more about our humane wildlife control products, contact us today!