4 Advantages of Fiberglass Utility Poles

Technological changes are happening in every industry and the utilities sector has not been left behind. One such change of the utilities sector has been the increased use of fiberglass, or composite, utility poles. Keep reading to discover several advantages of fiberglass utility poles and how our products at Critter Guard can help keep all types of utility poles and power protected.

1. Durable

During adverse weather, weak materials may collapse and lead to power outages which can be costly and dangerous to the public. Fiberglass utility poles are made from multidirectional fabrics with resin coating and polymer elements. The materials are lightweight and have superior strength to weight ratios, making the fiberglass utility poles extremely durable and better able to hold up to environmental elements than steel and wood utility poles. The poles are resistant to weather elements and can withstand up to 180 mph wind loads.

2. Don't Corrode

Even though traditional utility poles are made with high wind load strength, they can collapse because of external weather effects. Wooden utility poles can be prone to rot and steel poles can begin to corrode over time.

Fiberglass utility poles, on the other hand, are resistant to corrosives. Fiberglass utility poles are resistant to the atmosphere and concentration of alkali, acid, and salt. Therefore, they can be used in areas with high salt content.

3. Don't Need Regular Maintenance

Since fiberglass utility poles are corrosion-resistant and not affected by outside elements, they do not need regular maintenance during the usage period. Once installed, only routine inspections are required.

4. Low Installation Cost

The installation process for fiberglass utility poles is simple with little impact on traffic. The poles save labor and time since they are lightweight and can be installed without the use of cranes and other heavy equipment.

Keep Critters Off Fiberglass Utility Poles with Critter Guard

Though fiberglass utility poles are seemingly unaffected by the weather, critters can still wreak havoc on these poles and use them to access roofs and other important electrical equipment.

At Critter Guard, our Pole Guard product is designed to protect fiberglass utility poles and power lines from critter interference. To learn more about our Pole Guard product, contact us today!