4 Benefits of an Isolation Transformer

If you are a property owner looking to enhance electrical safety for your important equipment, you may consider buying an isolation transformer. An isolation transformer is a transformer utilizing a dielectric insulation barrier between the primary and secondary windings. The insulation barrier ensures faults in the input cannot transfer to the output, increasing electrical safety. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of an isolation transformer.

1. Reduces Surges

A power surge happens when the input voltage in devices exceeds the required level. A surge can damage all appliances and electronics plugged into power.

An isolation transformer minimizes power surges. It insulates DC signals from the power source to allow equipment to function without interruptions, therefore reducing the chance of property damage from power surges.

2. Enhances Safety

Assured safety is the most notable benefit of isolation transformers. At times, touching electrical devices can lead to dangerous electric shocks. An isolation transformer completes the power source's circuit, protecting you from electric shocks.

3. Increases Power Quality

An isolation transformer improves the quality of power on equipment. The transformer uses a Faraday shield to reduce potential current leakage. Electrical devices in the home or business use all current coming from the power source. With an isolation transformer, importance equipment can achieve optimal performance.

4. Reduces Noise

Electrical noise impacts the performance of a machine by interfering with the signals. It comes from unwanted electrical signals that enter into power and signal circuits.

An isolation transformer reduces electrical noise in electrical devices. The Faraday shield in the transformer prevents electric fields from interfering with power flow. Thus, unwanted currents cannot interrupt power and signal circuits in equipment.

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