4 Common Causes of Electrical Fires in the Home

Often, electrical wires in your home are hidden, which can make it difficult to know if/when damage has occurred. Damage to electrical wiring can sometimes lead to electrical fires, which can put you and your home at risk. To help prevent dangerous electrical fires, it’s important to first understand what can cause them. Keep reading to discover the most common causes of electrical fires in homes and what preventative action you can take.

1. Old or Damaged Wiring

Old electrical wiring in your home may not have the capacity to handle the increased amounts of appliances and electrical devices found in today’s average home. This outdated wiring can cause circuits to become overloaded, leading to electrical fires.

In addition, rodents such as squirrels, mice, and rats can damage electrical wires. If able to access your roof and attic, these rodents can easily find and chew on electrical wiring, causing damage that can lead to electrical fires.

2. Overloaded Light Fixtures

Overloading light fixtures in your home is another common cause of electrical fires. Avoid overloading your light fixtures by always using light bulbs that are within the recommended wattage for your specific lamp or light fixture.

3. Faulty or Aging Appliances

It is important to ensure the appliances in your home are working properly and that all cords are intact. Faulty appliance switches or worn or frayed cords can generate dangerous levels of heat that can lead to an electrical fire.

4. Extension Cord Misuse

It is essential to use extension cords properly and only as a temporary measure. Do not plug large appliances such as washing and drying machines into an extension cord, as this can often lead to electrical fires.

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