4 Common Types of Mice You Might See Around Your Property

As a property owner, you're likely to see mice roaming the area at some point, maybe even both inside and outside of your home or building. Depending on the environment around you, there could be several types of mice that could potentially start an infestation. Keep reading to discover some of the most common types of mice you might find on your property and how they can get into your property.

Types of Mice

Different types of mice have different active patterns and can be different sizes. Below are the most common types of mice.

1. House Mouse

Small and quick, the house mouse is the most common mouse that is active at any time of the year. They enjoy homes and businesses where there is controlled heat and air.

2. Deer or Wood Mouse

This mouse is usually found outside, preferring areas of wood, or where you have wood stored. If you have a shelter with wood, you're likely to see them roaming at night and causing damage to your wooded property. Some of these mice can grow quite large if they've been able to nest in large, wooded areas for a long time.

3. Field Mouse

The field mouse roams along farm areas, and they usually stay out of homes until fields are cut and they seek shelter. They prefer to nest in the outdoors if there is a warm climate, but they will come inside during the winter months.

4. White-Footed Mouse

Found mostly along the East Coast is the white-footed mouse. It is similar to the house mouse, but it has distinct white feet and enjoys the comforts of hiding behind brush and large stacks of paper.

How Are They Getting In?

Mice can get through small holes in your home, and can enter buildings through cracks in the wall, foundation, and if the door is left open for long periods. Some will access the roof from trees and nearby powerlines to enter the home or building through any open vents or cracked windows. They also travel through vent systems, so if they're in the crawlspace, they can crawl up through the vent piping and enter the property.

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