4 Dangerous Diseases Spread by Possums

When you have possums in your home, your first thought might be of all the property damage and inconveniences they can cause. However, possums are also known to carry a wide range of diseases that can infect humans. Keep yourself safe by learning more about the diseases they carry and create a preventive plan to keep possums away from your property.

1. Tularaemia

Ringtail or brushtail possums are known carriers of tularaemia. Also called rabbit fever in some areas, this bacterial disease is spread by several different animals. While it's relatively rare, infected animals spread it to humans through bites (or indirectly via tick bites). It causes diarrhea, pneumonia-like symptoms, skin ulcers, and inflamed lymph glands. It's not contagious between people, but an infected possum in your home puts everyone at risk.

2. Buruli Ulcer

This bacterial disease can cause significant skin and soft tissue damage if it goes untreated. Common alternate names for this disease are Bairnsdale ulcer, Daintree ulcer, and Mossman ulcer. The bacteria attack the skin and fat cells to cause large painful ulcers. It can spread from possums to humans through mosquitos and feces.

3. Wobbly Possum Disease

Brushtail possums and common ringtail possums can spread wobbly possum disease. It is fatal to possums. While there has not yet been a case of it among humans or other animals, its spread can leave you with possum bodies around your landscape or even in your home if you don't take active prevention methods.

4. Exudative Dermatitis

Humans, pigs, and brushtail possums can all get exudative dermatitis, a bacterial skin disease that can be transmitted via contact with infected possums or through insect bites. If a wild possum scratches you when you're removing them or if you find a surprise nest, immediately contact medical staff and clean the wound.

Keep Possums Off Your Property with Critter Guard

Possums aren't just nuisances—they are wild animals that can carry dangerous diseases. Keep them far away from your property and home with solutions from Critter Guard. We provide homes and businesses with preventive tools to keep possums and other wildlife off of your roofs and away from your property. To learn more about our wildlife control products, contact us today.