4 Issues Snakes in the Home Can Cause

Occasionally, snakes will find their way inside houses. In many cases, the snake is looking for shelter or possibly hunting prey. While snakes can make great pets, not many homeowners want uninvited visits from the wild reptile community. The idea of a snake in the house goes beyond repulsion and fear. But, outside of the psychological reactions, snakes also come with several problems. Keep reading to discover four issues snakes in the home can cause.

1. Damage

Snakes can slip through the smallest gaps, but in doing so, they can create larger openings in the home's foundations, walls, and roofs. Snakes will often nest in ductwork and obstruct pipes and vents. This action can lead to serious and costly repairs.

2. Threat to Pets

It doesn't matter if you have fish, dogs, cats, hamsters, etc., a snake puts their safety in jeopardy. Some pets may try to interact with or confront the snake. An agitated snake, even a non-venomous one, will get defensive and strike, which can seriously injure smaller pets.

3. Psychological Repercussions

Snakes have an impact on residents, especially the many who fear them. Finding one in the alleged safety of the home disrupts routines and leaves residents uncomfortable. To maintain peace of mind, it’s important to have preventative measures in place.

4. Safety and Health

There are significant health risks when wild snakes roam the house. Imagine discovering a copperhead or rattlesnake slithering behind the refrigerator. However, even non-venomous snakes carry parasites and bacteria. If you find a snake at home, keep your distance and call for help.

Keep Snakes Out With Critter Guard

A snake in the home necessitates a quick and professional response. To dodge the safety risks and health issues altogether and to reaffirm comfort and well-being, contact Critter Guard. Our wildlife control products help prevent snakes from using power lines and nearby trees or utility poles to access your roof and home.