4 Major Benefits of a Portable Generator

A power outage can be extremely inconvenient, and sometimes even dangerous, for many home and business owners. While some power outages can be prevented with the implementation of the right equipment, others, like those due to inclement weather, are inevitable. In the event of a power outage, owning a portable generator can be extremely beneficial. Check out these major benefits that come with owning a portable generator.

1. Mobility

Since most portable generators should be kept outdoors when in use, the most important feature of a portable generator is its mobility. It offers the convenience of transporting it from storage when a generator is not needed, to moving it and using it wherever the generator is needed most.

2. Keep Home Appliances Running

Power outages can be quite costly for many homeowners. Without a backup source of power during an outage, food can quickly spoil and basements that have sump pumps can flood, causing damage to assets.

By using a portable generator, you gain peace of mind knowing that your food will keep, your sump pump will continue to work properly, preventing a flooded basement, and your HVAC system will continue to run, keeping you and your family comfortable.

3. Protect Lives

If you or a family member rely on an electric medical device like an oxygen tank or a heart monitor, extended power outages can be detrimental. A portable generator can be a lifesaver in emergencies by providing power to any electrical medical equipment.

4. Maintain Business

If you run a home business, or work from home, a power outage is likely to cause you some financial loss. A portable generator can save you money by keeping you connected and your business up and running.

Practice Generator Safety

While portable generators can help make your life easier during power outages, they can also be dangerous if handled incorrectly. If misused, portable generators can cause injuries, burns, and even carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning. To get the most out of your portable generator and prevent any hazards, it is essential to always practice generator safety.

To prevent power outages in your area and limit the amount of times you need to rely on a portable generator, have our Line Guard and Pole Guard products installed. To learn more about our company and products and how we can help keep your power running, contact us today!