4 Power Outage Myths Debunked

Power outages happen all the time, all over the world. While common, there are several myths and misconceptions related to power outages. Keep reading to discover these common power outage myths you should stop believing.

Myth 1: There is Nothing You Can or Should Do During an Outage

Many people choose to avoid the situation when they believe there's nothing they can do. There are many important things you should do during an outage. First, stay away from downed power lines and avoid removing debris that is approximately ten feet from a power line. It is critical to report your utility outage and note any possible issues when reporting.

Myth 2: There is No Way to Be Prepared for an Outage

It is easy to believe that there is no way to prepare for a power outage because one can occur unexpectedly. However, it is essential to prepare for possible power outages in the future by making a power outage plan.

Making a plan is essential to protect your home, yourself, and your family during a power outage. Always keep flashlights and bottled water in an area that is readily accessible. Investing in a backup generator is wise to ensure that essential appliances keep running during an outage.

Myth 3: Utility Companies Know You Don’t Have Power

The system used by utility companies helps them know the issue causing a power outage in a specific area. However, they need someone on the ground to get a better view of the issue, especially at night. Sometimes the meters might not detect power outages and this means that reporting might be necessary.

Myth 4: Your Neighbor’s Power is On so Your Power Should Be On

It doesn't necessarily mean that because your neighbor has power, you should also automatically have power. Sometimes your neighbor might be on a different substation feeder. In many scenarios, there might be a problem with the feeder that serves your house, or there might be a power connection issue in your home.

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