4 Problems Caused by Birds in Warehouses

Birds such as swallows, wrens, starlings, pigeons, and more can be a nuisance in warehouses. The birds love warehouse shelters with high rafters, which offer them safety, warmth, and numerous nesting nooks and crannies. With most warehouses featuring large, frequently opened doors, birds can easily find themselves inside.

Once inside, birds can cause serious issues for warehouses. Keep reading to discover common problems with birds in warehouses and how Critter Guard can help.

1. Property, Product, and Equipment Damage

Birds can cause product damage, especially in food warehouses, by pecking at the products, destroying them, and contaminating them. Their droppings contain uric acid that can corrode metal, paint, stone, and other materials, which can cause costly damage to machinery, packaging, and other equipment. Birds’ nesting and pecking habits can also cause damage to wiring and insulation, resulting in expensive repairs.

2. Health Code Violations

Bird droppings contain various viruses, parasites, and bacteria that contaminate surfaces, goods, and foods. The pathogens in the droppings such as E Coli, Histoplasma, and salmonella can infect people who handle or eat the contaminated food.

This can result in serious health code violations and can lead to the closure of the warehouse, legal action, or astronomical fines.

3. Work Stoppages and Productivity Loss

When the birds become too much of a nuisance, work may have to stop for cleanup. This can result in productivity loss due to employees having to frequently stop work and clean up bird droppings and any nesting materials. Work may also have to halt for a day or two in order for a Critter Control company to safely get the birds off the property.

4. Distractions

The noise from the birds can be an annoying distraction to workers or warehouse visitors. It can be especially risky as birds swooping and flying around can potentially distract and startle machine operators.

How Critter Guard Can Help

At Critter Guard, we realize the damage birds can cause in warehouses and are proud to offer our BirdBloc solution. BirdBloc is designed to prevent birds from accessing warehouses and important electrical equipment by deploying a scent that deters birds from wanting to nest or roost. To learn more about our BirdBloc product and how it can help keep birds out of your warehouse, contact us today!