4 Safety Tips for Utility Workers

There is no doubt that utility workers face many unique challenges and hazards as part of their job responsibilities. Utility work often requires crew members to complete tasks from various heights and regularly work with hazardous electrical equipment.

In order to ensure the safety of utility workers and keep the work site running smoothly, certain safety practices should be implemented. Keep reading to discover several safety tips for utility companies.

1. Evaluate Worksites To Decide What Equipment/PPE is Needed

The most effective means to avoid injury comes from education on on-site safety rules and guidelines. That means educating workers about potential hazards. In addition to familiarizing the crew with local safety protocols, take the time to collect data that can help identify the worksite surroundings and dangers that may arise. Utility companies should evaluate work sites to determine what personal protective equipment (PPE) and equipment will be needed to safely complete the job.

2. Wear Flame-Resistant Clothing

For utility workers, flame-resistant clothing is a must-have. When working with electrical equipment, electric arcs and fire hazards are possible. Therefore, it is critical that workers are provided with flame-resistant clothing.

3. Use Clothes Made To Handle Electric Arcs

There has always been a significant risk to workers when working around power lines and other energized equipment. In addition to flame-resistant clothing, utility workers should also be equipped with arc-rated clothing and equipment that is equal or greater than the electric arcs or heat energy that could be encountered.

4. Put Procedures in Place to Prevent Electrocution

Utility workers can be particularly vulnerable to electrocutions from ground current running through the cables and equipment being handled. Therefore, it is essential for workers to be instructed on specific safety procedures to significantly reduce the risk of electrocution, as well as be provided with the proper, arc-resistant equipment.

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